ProfessionalI role. A staff member is supposed to

ProfessionalI am very professional when it comes to being a role-model were there are lots of people, In and out of the game I show my self as a role model and I act professionally around people that I don’t know, I really like to impress people to make good impressions of me.

I take things seriously but I can have a joke sometimes. I like to make sure everything is done right. If I mess something up. I will sit there and reiterate what I have done and make sure I can improve next time. I am very set straight. If I am told off or told to do something I do it straight away and make sure not to “back-chat” and not be rude.

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I also sit and understand what I’ve done and apologize to the person(s) that I have made upset/angry.ResponsibilityI am a very responsible person when it comes to tough situations or when I need to be because I wouldn’t disrespect another staff member or any players. I would feel really bad if I did because that is not what staff members are for they are there to help the community not hurt it. I know how hard it is to take care of toxic players but you don’t need to fire back ever. It hurts people and makes people quit.MatureI am very mature and would handle well in different situations that I might find myself stuck in. I would find the best possible solution and make sure it’s the most mature and professional solution.

I would make sure not to be annoying towards others or fight with players in-game or in TeamSpeak, I would just enforce the rules and make sure everyone is able to play to the fullest potential.RespectfulI would be respectful towards players and staff members, I wouldn’t insult anyone or call people names because that wouldn’t set a good role. A staff member is supposed to set the bar for new or old players on the server. On TeamSpeak especially I’m not going to just say “Oh you’re dumb for thinking of that” or “Of course you would say that”, I would make sure to understand what they are saying and if they are saying something wrong or something I don’t understand I would ask them to repeat it.What’s my greatest strength My greatest strength- A great strength of mine that distinguishes me against other applicants is that I am very good at detecting hacks (I have stated this frequently throughout my application, I apologize if it’s getting repetitive). I don’t know much about screensharing, but I like to think that I make up for it with my knowledge of hackers. On all of the servers that I have moderated, I focused on and spent almost all of my time on the PvP servers. I have been a PvPer ever since I purchased my first Minecraft account and I know how to easily and efficiently detect a very large portion of hacks.

– One of my greatest strengths is the ability to work in a team. I am currently in my school’s wrestling and leadership teams and I have been a part of many athletic and academic teams in the past. Years in academic and athletic teams have strengthened my ability to listen, problem solve, and above all, constantly push to better myself and those around me. Within the general idea of athletics, teamwork is an essential idea.

 – Another strength of mine is allowing a player to feel welcomed and to have a positive experience during their time on ZoneMc. A lot of servers, especially those revolving around PvP, are toxic. I excel at extending a hand to a player in need, and providing advice and constructive criticism to those who need it. I’m not afraid to be the friendly face on the server and allow a player to learn the ropes of the server.

– My final two strengths are that I am friendly and mature. From past moderation and real-life experiences, I have learned when to be light hearted and fun; and when to be focused and mature. I will always apply my work ethic and newfound level of responsibility of being a staff member to provide a better experience for the ZoneMc community and network.with no doubt is my ability to be being flexible in my decisions.

I can also contribute positively to any situation whether it is trying to make a friend or developing a new game mode.


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