Product lies in quality, technological superiority or the

Product Differentiation. Moula (2006), stated that product differentiation is an effective business strategy that business can outperform and differentiate the product that business cater to the customers from the competitors by providing a product or service that has a unique characteristics. Also, on the rapid response to customer’s complaints nowadays customers are more preferred on the fast delivery of product and services that business can provide, also on distribution of information in processing of order has become an important basis for differentiation of product and services that can adopt in changing environment of business that can increase on customer satisfaction and service excellence.
According to Das Gupta (2011), studied that product differentiation can distinguished the differences of a product or services offered by a particular business to customers that can give a distinct value to customers that leads to purchase more products. It means that, differentiation of product or services can provide uniqueness that often lies in quality, technological superiority or the image of the product. That leads on consumers to purchase the products Therefore, it means that successful differentiation strategies that can help to increase the product sales.
Doolittle et al. (2013) cited that innovation of product differentiation are necessary tool to stay a powerful advantage in competing from other business. The bakery industry is homogeneous and product differentiation is essential to separate from competitor. Product differentiation must be the priority of each business to urge the style of individual customers and meet those expectations. Therefore, differentiating product can increase the demand and sales of products.
Similarly, Bakeries Industry Snapshot (2011) also justified that in order to remain competitive within the marketplace, product differentiation is vital tool of the variations of individual taste of baked goods. Therefore, baking industry must be innovative in offering products that may facilitate to spike demand, Also that can leads the market share to increase and to sustain the financial capability of business.
Dirisu et al. (2013) stated that product differentiation is a strategy that may be use as a tool of competitive advantage that is adopted by most businesses in order to provide products that can satisfies individual preferences. Moreover, in satisfying individual customer’s need, quality has become a major part of differentiating the products. To measure product differentiation of business it needs to possess a better product quality, product design, distinctive product options and new product innovation to possess a vital relationship in organizational performance.
In addition, Lamb and McDaniel (2009) pointed out that product differentiation tends to provide a longer competitive advantage. In business industry that can create a unique feature of product and services that business can provide to the customers and to maintain the customer’s loyalty of customers, the product and services that can differ from competitors. Also the business can stay ahead from competitors.
In the study of Rae (2011), cited that products and services differentiation means providing a meaningful change of product and service that business can offered which has an added value to the customer’s preferences in buying the products and services. Also, differentiation gives customers satisfaction on acquiring the products and services.
Furthermore, Johnson et al. (2008) stated that the differentiation seeks to provide products and services that business can offer to customers with additional benefits of product that has a unique characteristics that can differ from competitors and widely valued by customer. Thus, increasing profits is a major benefits of the business that adopt a differentiation strategy, that enable to cover up the cost and expenses. Also, customers are more preferred to buy the product and services that business can give an additional satisfaction.


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