PROCUREMENT Identifiying the goods and services which


Procurement of accesories on time is very critical and one of the other problem with subcontracted ateliers’ work quality. Moreover procurement is also very critical in the company’s own facilities too.

To maintain the sustainability of production procuring the materials which are needed to continue the process is very crucial. Due to procurement problems many companies are suffereing of delays and facing really harsh negative results. Here the procurement management joins the game. Procurement management is a logical and systematically sequenced approach of obtaining external suppliers and purchasing raw materials, semi-finished goods, accesories or services which are needed to sustain the production.


Procurement management mainly follows the logical order of;

–          Identifiying the goods and services which are needed.

–          Searching, evaluating and selecting suppliers.

–          Requesting orders and negotiating on prices.

–          Issuing the orders and contracting.

–          Agreeing on the delivery times and making the purchase.

–          Receieving the materials.

–          Checking and accepting the materials.

–          Confirming the payments and close the transactions.

Successful procurement managements helps the business run the processes sustainably and meet the companie’s goals. It builds,controls and develops external source relationships and creates competition among them, moreover causes discounts resulting savings for the company. But the most important event in Brandhouse case is; the procurement management prevents bottlenecks on the workstations, helps the work flow and supports the schedule and time management.


Here in this part methods and tools will be presented shortly and launched in order to analyse the problems and try to make improvements.

Tools which are convinient and suitable to use for the certain problems will be subgroups of TQM, Six Sigma and SPC basicly.

Total quality management is a managerial technique which involves in every component of the process related to quality, applied by from the bottom till the top employees, aiming long term and continious improvements.One of the known person who has contributed and created tools in TQM are W.Edwards Deming. And his systematically PDCA (plan, do, check, act) approach will be used to develop the processes in the comapny.His main idea is plan the work, do (implement) the work, check the outcomes and progress and for the last step act upon the results and do analysis accordinly and try to develop the process next time and go with the same cycle.


Six sigma is another group of techniques for improving the process.This methodology is used for eliminating noncomformance hence another way to improve the process and quality.In a similar discipline like demings cycle, there is DMAIC (define, measure, analyse, improve, control) loop in Six Sigma improvement program.


In DMAIC the concept is defining the problem, measuring the the problem, analysing the problem, after determining what causes the problem after accurate analysis this step is improving by developing solutions to the problem and the last step is control which is making sure that problem is solved and the new system is consistent and in control.

SPC is a statistical approach to measure and control the quality aspects of a process such as if the process is stable or capable with using variety of spesific statistical calculations.Advantage of SPC is that, the SPC is applicable to all jobs and a great way to improve continiously the quality of products.


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