Procrastination in motion. The rule applies to a

Procrastination can be defined as a person’s psychological state,characterized by a tendency to constantly postpone tasks and actions “forlater”. Let’s face it, each of us at least once postponed the startof the task at a later time, under the cover of petty employment, fatigue orstress.In some cases procrastination cannot greatly affect your life, butif it becomes chronic, then it’s time to wait for financial troubles, worseningrelationships with colleagues or loved ones and nervous upheavals. Wepropose to adopt a simple 2 minutes rule, with which you will find iteasier to start fulfilling the intended goals and achieve them.What is 2 minute rule and how to use it?Its essence is this: if it takes no more than twominutes to complete the case so, do it right now.If the tasktakes less than 2 minutes – just do it! Actually, a lot ofthings can be done right away. Wipe the dust, clean plates, congratulateyour friend on his birthday – why such small tasks to be postponed for later? Thenthere will be no time .

.. If you can deal with the case in just two minutes orless, then act now! If longer – at least make a list of things that can bedone later.Is there aserious goal? A quick 2-minute start will not let it go!Of course, not all your plans can be implemented in two minutes. Buteach goal can be launched in 2 minutes or less. Why start if I still donot finish? The answer is given by the second part of the rule.Everything lies in the ordinary course of the processes of ourlife. From the course of physics we are well aware that the body remainsin peace until then, until it is set in motion.

 The rule applies to aperson. Once you start doing something, it will be much easier to continueFor example, if you want to develop a habit of reading book,think that you will read just for 2 minutes and start reading. You won’t even realizewhen the chapter will finish.New useful habits beginwith small, from those very few minutes.

 The 2 minute rule does notguarantee you achieve the results, but will do everything to get you started. The most pleasant thing is that the rule of twominutes works well both in business, office, and at home, in personal matters.Yes, it does not solve all your problems, but it will make it easier for theday. Try to implement these rules in life, and you will immediately notice thatyou will manage much more, and tired much less.

And this, in turn, willincrease your personal effectiveness.


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