Process control activities of a software project.

Process Instrumentation refers to an ability to monitor or measure the level of
a product’s performance to diagnose errors and to write trace
information. Programmers implement
instrumentation in the form of code instructions that monitor
specific components in a system.


      Instructions may output logging information to
appear on screen.


When an application contains instrumentation code it can be
managed using a management tool. Instrumentation is necessary to review the
performance of the application.

The Seven Core METRICS:

Many different metrics may be of value in managing a modern process. I have settled on seven core metrics that should be used on all softwareprojects. Three are management indicators and four are quality indicators.


Management Indicators:

Work and progress 

Budgeted cost and expenditures

Staffing and team dynamics 


Quality Indicators: 

Change traffic and stability 

Breakage and modularity 

Rework and adaptability 

Mean time between failures and maturity



METRICS Automation:

opportunities are available to automate the project control activities of a
software project. A Software Project Control Panel is essential for managing
against a plan. This panel integrates data from multiple sources to show the
current status of some aspect of the project. The panel can support standard
features and provide extensive capability for detailed situation analysis.


automation approach which collects, organizes and reports values and trends
extracted directly from the evolving engineering artifacts.

Software Project Control Panel:

implement a complete software project control panel the following are

primitives which trends, comparisons and progressions

Ø  A
graphical user interface

Ø  Metrics
collection agents

Ø  Metrics
data management server

Ø  Actors
which monitor and administrator


defines panel layouts, graphical objects and linkages to project data. Specific
monitors called roles include software project managers, software development
team leads software architects and customers. Administrator installs the
system, defines new mechanisms, graphical objects and linkages. The whole
display is called a panel


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