Problems related to Physical and Mental Health Issues

Physical and mental health issues are very widespread in United States. These issues affect everyone despite gender, age or race (Kendall, 2009). Consequently, they have been a cause of so many problems in the society. These problems include: Homelessness, Unsteady and broken families Substance abuse and dependence Non-employment and poverty Lack of residential stability Spread of diseases including HIV

Ways to lower or Control Spiraling Health Care Cost

Insufficient funds is among the barriers to proper health care is a barrier to proper health care in the United States of America. This means that the funds given are not enough to cover for provision of proper medical care for all who need it. In addition, f funds provided are not used appropriately and sufficiently in ways that help those suffering from mental and physical illnesses (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2009).

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Thus, if there would be an increase in the funds and a clear way of follow-up to ensure that the funds provided for medical care are used for that goal and in the best way so as to benefit all who need it, then these rising health care costs would be easily controlled. Furthermore, the revision of present insurance plan for public so as to strengthen it and give people authority to negotiate for lower prices of medical care; services and goods, would help in controlling the rising medical care cost. Giving people the chance to bargain would mean that each would reach a reasonable fee which he or she is able to cater for and this means that everyone is able to access medical care which is an important thing.

This would especially be applicable in insurance plans which are sponsored by the government. If this is done, then it will force the private medical insurance providers to lower their prices too thus benefiting everyone. In addition, there is need to reduce the spending done on any medical procedures which have low benefit and yet cost so much. This would make patients not to overspend on unnecessary medical procedures which are not are not worth the cost.

We cannot deny the fact that there is a correlation between crime, substance abuse and health care. Generally, those suffering from mental and physical illnesses are affected by various problems among them homelessness. These homeless people normally suffer from substance abuse since they are not in a place where they can be properly attended to.

Most of them normally self-medicate themselves which leads to addictions (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2009). In addition, since these people lack good physical health, it becomes very hard for them to get employment thus resulting in crime and substance abuse due to frustration. Most criminals are also involved in substance abuse.

Due to this problem of using drugs, these people end up with health problems. In a certain study which involved 661 male prisoners who abuse drugs, it was found out that a criminal history which was more extensive was connected to more problems in the general physical health. This was in comparison to mental health (Mateyoke A, et al, 2011). This therefore, proves that there is indeed an existing correlation between crime, substance abuse and health care.

The cost of health care contributes to substance abuse since when people like the homeless are unable to meet the cost of health care, they result in self medication which leads to addiction while on the other hand, people who are involved in crime are also mostly involved in substance abuse thus increasing the number of people in need of health care.


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