Problem vice is conducted not only locally but

Problem According to the Loss Angeles Times, more than 89 million people have experienced trafficking in the last five years with more than 40 million in 2016 only (Simmons, 2017).

Sex trafficking is forced, coerced or deceived into prostitution of both adult and children. Sex trafficking has become a major issue in today’s world and has also gained global attention over the past year up to now. Initially, mostly women and adolescents (children) were trafficked for involuntary sex of about 3.8 million adults and close to 1 million children, and to a smaller degree domestic slavery (Simmons, 2017).

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Currently, ladies, teenagers and males are traded in dissimilar customs of sexual abuse and trafficking. They are captured and transported to different places in the world to various exploitive sexual jobs. This vice is conducted not only locally but also countrywide where these cartels have large markets for their captives. Mainly the most affected are the depressed, runaways/homeless, and the previous sexual victims Depression The victim, most of the time due to the depression, might be hostile, fearful and unable to think critically (Duncan, 2016).

Therefore this cartels conducting human trafficking easily lure them and capture them. Depression victims are advised not to talk to anyone apart from the psychologists to avoid invoke of stress and anxiety from the other people (McCrory, 2012). This can be understood from the definition that, depression is a health condition that affects human feelings and the way you think or act (Kaplan et al., 2018). Therefore mental health assessments are important to know the best ways to handle the victim’s situation. Many victims suffer action related to self-harm, suicidal attempt, nightmares, and panic attack and this makes them prone to human traffic. Trauma-informed care is highly recommended as many suffer from trauma and cannot control it on their own. Homelessness/runaways Human/children trafficking victims are mostly homelessness and runaways as they have nowhere to call or stay as a home.

Human traffickers take this advantage and deceive them as a way of getting their attention (Duncan, 2016). The desire of living in a better condition makes them easy to be deceived by the traffickers. However, to curb this, Societies and the government should provide a home for such victims to help them recover from their current unpleasant situations and there to protect them from these cartels (Vendituoli, 2018). Homelessness is associated with people living without any shelter either because they are displaced or from willingly leaving their homes. Runways are people who run away from their homes to different places due to insecurity or other treats (McCrory, 2012). Runways are people who run away from their homes to different places due to insecurity or other treats (McCrory, 2012). The health organization should also be informed about the victims to help them to find food shelter and healthcare Sexual abuse When people are abused sexually, they may find it so shameful to face others, and therefore, they can do anything to walk far away from their current homes.

Therefore human traffickers take advantage of them and promise them better lives and finally ends up being victims of human trafficking. Sexual abuse is associated with forceful or without your knowledge of sexual relations (Vendituoli, 2018). These victims after they are rescued, due to previous sexual exploitation many of them suffer infection like STIs and HIV AIDS, and therefore they may find themselves useless, and as a result, they take the offers by the cartels bearing in mind that their problems will be sorted (Jordan et al.

, 2013). In case of infection, the treatment and regular counseling should be conducted on the victim to show concern. According to the statistics they suggest that sufferers of home negligible sex abuse, 80% are stated to have seen a doctor and have been helped (Kaplan et al., 2018). To control human trafficking, community and the government is supposed to take responsibility to sensitize people on the ways of staying safe and protecting the others (McCrory, 2012). For those who are already affected, they are supposed to consult the medical personnel for guidance and treatment on how to handle their situations.

Homes for the immigrants should be improvised to cater to the challenge of homelessness to the victims of trafficking. Rehabilitation centers should also be put in place to counsel to the victims (McCrory, 2012). Medical personnel needs to be trained to handle such cases to avoid messing up with the victim’s condition. References Duncan, D. 3. (2016). Project NO REST: Addressing Human Trafficking in North Carolina.

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