PRO541 on how they perceive certain image or

 PRO541 CORPORATE PUBLIC RELATIONS Title:The Differences and Similarities of Brandand Reputation     Name: Faliq Adzrial bin NorhasmanID: 2015162239Group: MC242S4ASubject: Corporate Public Relations (PRO541)Lecturer: Melina Bt. MahpuzDiscuss the Similarities and Differencesbetween Corporate Brand and Reputation. In the world of countless opportunities, people strive to be amongone of the best in doing the things that they do, or simply being the best atmaintaining or representing the name of their brand or corporation. A famousterm that once circulates the media and the internet was “the world is a bigpie, and we want if not all, a piece of it.” In order to get that pieces thatthey were looking for, several ways, strategies and tactics have beenconsidered to be able to comply with their method to make it work to achievewhatever it is they are looking. A brand and reputation are the things thatneeds to be well observed and preserved.

As these two reflects the veryessential founding of organizations. So basically what are brands and what arereputations?Brands carry lots of meaning depending on the people and on howthey perceive certain image or products. Moreover, a brand is something thatcould not be seen with mere eyes.

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It could only be felt. A brand is somethingthat people want to be belonged into. It could not be explain and put simply inwords for people to understand. People get attached to brands. As an example,try observing brand as a person.

We might encounter someone that we like oradore simply because of their manner or traits. That manner and traits arehis/her ‘brand’ and we tend to get attached to them because of those things. Thisattachment occurs only under one condition: When a person’s story about him orherself gets metaphorically merged with the story that individual has of “you.”(Deutsch, 2014)  This is exactly whatbrand do to us. Take for example, fashion. We must have our own sense of styleand taste in fashion.

Let’s say that brand X produce fashion that incorporatesour fashion sense, so we probably get attached to brand X as easy. However itis not always like that. Since brand is not exactly one thing that is explainedabove. Brand could also be of value. Like for example luxury products and highend designer items. People with excessive wealth tend to buy these itemsbecause they want to be seen as people of ‘value’ and not for the fashion sake.Whereas reputations are a company’s “good name,” derivesfrom peoples’ perception of how ethical, credible, responsible, and reliablepeople perceive the company to be. (Deutsch, 2014) A good reputation is a good thing to have but it’s quite differentfrom brand.

Also, a good reputation does not guarantee a potent brand.Reputation occasionally comes from the service that a company or organizationshave to offer. A great product may not be seen as credible if the service orthe maintenance of brands are not well taken care of. Reputation also could beunderstand on how credible the company or the brand is. What they do or who didthey incorporate themselves with? Who approved of their service? These are thethings that make up reputation. Reputation is very different from brand. Based on my personal review and observation, I believe that brandsare more important than reputation. Even though it depends on the product orservice, I affirm my stand that a reputation could be damaged whereas a brand barely.

This is because a brand is just something else from reputation. A company withbad reputation could be turned or changed into a good reputation but thatdoesn’t guarantee any growth in the profit of the company itself. On the otherhand, once a product is strengthen with the brand, it could endure most of thepotential harm caused by the public or the onlookers. As for example, take thecompany GAP clothing company. After the major bash received from the publicbecause of the changing of its logo, the company had to change it intosomething that familiarized with the brand GAP. The previous logo received somany criticism that they had to change it in just a week.

(Jones, 2015)Notice how GAP had made one of the mistakes in their rebranding.However the backlash was silenced and everything seems to go back to its normalstate after GAP decided to change its logo back to the original logo.  No issues and no criticism.

Does it hurt thecompany’s reputation? No it doesn’t since GAP is a well-established company.Well established company usually could endure minor damage and handle themefficiently than company that doesn’t have a solid branding. According to one study done by the RepTrak of the United States, abrand and reputation alignment will result in the growth of the brand itself.The emotional lift of a strong corporate brand will enhance the reputation ofthe brand (RepTrak, 2016). Based on this it is clear that brand and reputation intertwinedwith each other in many ways. As a conclusion, looking at the brand andreputation of GAP on the surface, it could be say that Gap is awell-established brand with some great reputations that had managed to overcometheir crisis and issues of the rebranding logo well for the future growth ofits company.        Deutsch,B.

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