Privatization prisoner seeing the acts of violence

                                    Privatization of Prisons and Prison Reform Prison reform in the United Statesmust address the underlying causes of the criminal culture, the benefits andconsequences of privatization, as well as the outcomes of deterrence andrehabilitation. Companies such as the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA),The Geo group and the Management and Training Corporation have made a way tomake money off of prisoners and it is costing the United States. Prisons needto be reformed and there are multiple angles that they need to be reformed insuch as Criminalculture and how it affects an individual once they get put in the system aswell as the environment that got them put into the system in the first place, the arguments for and againstprivatizations and how overall it has no benefits. Also howthe deterrence style of imprisoning people has not helped but increased prisonpopulations but on the other hand the rehabilitation style could help peoplemore in the long run and reduce recidivism; all of the components have legaland political implications in all aspects.            Prisonschange an individual once they get in they find a place where people have beenput in the same predicament as them and they assimilate into the prisonculture. Angela Davis a renowned activist once said “Jails and prisons aredesigned to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in azoo – obedient to our keepers, but dangerous to each other.

” Her statement istrue according to the Department of Justice 70,000 prisoners are sexuallyabused every year, and assaults, fights, and other acts of violence are commonin a prison, those are just the accounts they know of there could potentiallybe a lot more so as a prisoner seeing the acts of violence and other malice canchange someone from who they were first getting in. Numerous jails aredangerous spots from which prisoners learn to be hypervigilant for indicationsof danger Some prisoners may bluff a tough convict facade that may make othersavoid said person as much as possible. Prisoners are denied theirfundamental rights and they lose control over basic parts of life that mostpeople underestimate. They live in little, confined spaces, have next to zerocontrol over the person they live with, Told when they should get up or go tobed, when they eat and what they eat. Those are a lot of things that as a induvialyou would like to keep because without them it is like your hand is being heldfor everything you do causing low self-esteem and anger. Someone’s environmentcan also affect if they go to prison and if they would comeback. There is asomething called the school to prison pipeline in which students of color haveincreased rates of expulsion, suspension and not graduating also a disturbingcorrelation involves the fact that 70% of all males in state and federal prisondo not have a high school diploma so the students not passing getting expelledand suspended are the ones doing crimes in the United States the problem isstudents of color are magnified due to race so everything do is put on a pedestalmaking it easier for administration to target them. All together there are manyfactors that make people who enter prison different there starting date alsosome of them are raised in negative environments and at school no one helpsthem so they resort to crime to survive.

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            Private prisons consist of 7 percentstate and 18 percent federal (according to the American Civil Liberties Union) makingthem have an impact on the US corrections system and they have their upsidesand downsides. Advocators believe they bring down costs, in comparison to stateor government prisons. A reason why is decreased advantages for private officers.They also offer the government the capacity to exchange certain prisoners outof government prisons to make more space and decrease overflow. Furthermore,privately owned businesses that make their own prisons possibly have moreadaptability in the design of the building. Private Prisons can be upgraded oradjusted more efficiently than government-run prisons.

Since private prisonsgenerally oversee less dangerous prisoners and run prisons with low securitylevels, they are better ready to adjust the structure of the prisons they workthan government-run prisons. Advocates also state that since privately ownedbusinesses make prisons, nearby economies grow from occupations made by thedevelopment procedure. On the other hand critics say private-firm-basedinvestigations that claim that private prisons save cash, government basedinvestigations found that private prisons tend to not take high-cost detainees,sending them to government-run prisons while taking low cost prisoners.

Besides, other government based reports that recommend private prisons seekcheaper bills by having less staff and lighter training for employees. That causeshigher violence inside there prisons and higher rates of attempted escape inthere prisons too. Private prisons are also shady due to them being for profitpeople will not really know what is actually going inside of them. Havingsomeone work to observe someone else’s punishment can be seen as ethicallywrong too.

They also lobby for “three-strike” laws as well as other toughon crime laws to make sure they have product: prisoners.  Private prisons do not help their benefits don’toutweigh the ethics involved in them as well as the for profit mindset the bigcompanies have. All the private prisons companies want more prisoners and on thefact they should be illegal because they are using the money power they have tomake sure more people end up incarcerated. Private prisons should be illegal.            Rehabilitation is the key to prisonreform, the method that should be used today but got put under the rug. TheStanford Experiment conducted by Dr.

Phillip G Zimbardo found out thatpsychologically healthy individuals could become sadistic or depressed whenplaced in a prison-like environment. There for a new method is needed, in anarticle by the Huffington post Paul Hoerux states “the most effective programshave been found to reduce recidivism by about 10 to 15 percent” Going down from70 to 60 is important because the US already has a very high recidivism rate. The thing is there is a stigma that revolves around inmatesand ex-cons, they can’t get jobs because of background checks and they can’teven vote a basic right every US citizen has. Their life gets a lot tougherdealing with parole too like them not being able to see certain people or thefact they have to remain sober it’s all an intrusion on human rights that causethem to go back. People today need to realize that any day they could go toprison given the right circumstances and in that time it would be vital to knowwhat rights one has and to know what will be the environment they are in.   Works Cited:1. http://www. http://www.



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