Principles of Bauhaus production

The Bauhaus wants to get involved in the advancement of present-day housing. It is noteworthy that the modern man does not acknowledge traditional way of life. As a result, he requires his house to be furnished with all the modern equipments and furniture. Similarly, the surrounding environment of the machine and the house should be affirmed. These products must serve the purpose for which they are meant. The products from Bauhaus workshops are of diverse invention and thus the design gives a consumer a choice to pick from. The idea of Bauhaus setting up workshop was original, and consumers are the main beneficiaries. Bauhaus believes that an object is defined by its surrounding thus before the construction of a house or purchasing of a vehicle one must first study its surrounding.

It is a fact that the frequent embracing of the technology will make an individual develop an innovative mind. Similarly, Bauhaus highlights that the standardization of the housing products are an important concept in human life. Most importantly, individuals tend to appreciate more the design of products than any other thing. When a machine that produces standardized products is used it will lead to production of cheaper and more advanced out puts. Consequently, there are no worries that standardization will restrict the consumers to appreciate and use limited designs. Bauhaus workshops are meant for the identification and advancement of a product design. In order to create models of the required standards, an experienced and excellent manpower is required.

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In addition, these should be individuals who are ready to give out their best potential to ensure they adhere to the set laws and regulations. Bauhaus depict that the difference between industry and crafts mainly lie on the type of tools that are employed. Similarly, Bauhaus is cautious that the two phenomenons are starting to relate. The ancient crafts are distancing themselves from the modern crafts which are adapting new production units.

It is evident that speculative experiments are done to produce models used in the implementation in factories. The models that have been constructed by the Bauhaus are copied by other companies affiliated to it. The mode of production by Bauhaus does not make it possible for competition in both the crafts and the industry. On the contrary, this setting provides them with the required skill to enable them advance their skill. The Bauhaus make use of the skilled and talented individuals who work as per the training they have attained. In the end, these individuals will go a head and take over from industries.

Most importantly, the models produced by Bauhaus are sold at reasonable prices. It is noteworthy that the basic needs of life are the same in all human beings. Human beings tend to get enslaved to good household models. As a result, Bauhaus has exploited these weaknesses by producing well designed prototype. These products go a long way and impress the consumers who consider both their quality and price. Bauhaus came up with the workshop and so as to address the immediate need of the people.

This mainly consisted of style and beauty of the modern culture. Bauhaus believed the local population admired the possession of good and modern equipments; the only problem was the fact that they were very expensive.


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