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Richard Carlson’s book entitled “You Can Be Happy No Matter What”, he discusses the principles of moods. It states there that everybody experiences mood changes. Our moods constantly go up and down in the every minute and the every day of our lives. It is impossible to preserve a single emotional status for too long.

Our mood inevitably changes, no matter how hard we will it not to do so. There are two kinds of moods: the high mood and the low mood. If we are in the highest of our moods, we look at life as something so wonderful.Everything around us is bright and all problems are just too easy to solve.

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But in our lowest moods, our perspective of life becomes the exact opposite of that. Life suddenly feels hard and unbearably serious. We feel that everybody around us is always on our case and that their main goal, perhaps their only goal, in life is to make things worse for us.

Have you ever felt light and easy one second then jittery and irritable the second? That’s mood changing on you. One minute you are in a high mood then just as abruptly, you plummet down in a very low mood.The span of time a person changes from a high mood to a low mood may vary.

The only thing definite is that everybody will go through this mood change. Our moods are susceptible to transformations and that is a fact we sadly cannot do anything about. Moods are part of our human nature. It is not something we can avoid.

But the good news is that we can certainly do something about it. As I read the chapter, I have learned and realized a lot about myself and how I see things. The book clearly states that all our negative thoughts and all our negative emotions are the effect those low moods.Our life’s problems and unhappiness are all rooted to the low mood that we inescapably feel from time to time. As I begin know that the root of all the negative things around me is low mood, I came face to face with the enemy.

I realized that I inculcate hate and repugnance against my families, friends, and even acquaintances, because I prioritized the instances of low moods in my lives. I once felt that the whole world is turning its back around me because I let myself be engrossed in my low moods. I experienced being all alone because I agreed to that nagging voice inside me that tells me that I, indeed am.But now I came to know that that is only my mind changing perspectives, because I am going through the shifts of moods. What I really should have done is to let this episode of low mood pass. As what is stated earlier, our mood constantly changes. It is just a matter of time when we come out of our low moods and be in the high mood again. If we can change our outlook in life, that instead of blaming others for what we feel and think, why not regard everything as a simple low mood episode? We should all understand that all we are thinking during a low mood is not reliable.

Our low moods influence us to think negatively and unconstructively. Instead of lashing out to somebody, to our self, or to the world in general, we should all take a moment to breathe and tell convince our self that this is just an instance of low mood we are having; that we not thinking straight at all. That life is not as worse as it seems to be. Let the low mood instance to pass.

When you are in the high mood again, you will realize that life is definitely not that bad. The main thing that I learned from the book is that we should all realize when our mood strikes low.And we should be ready to face it. We should be prepared to battle with all the negative feelings and thoughts that could come about. We should be wary that the way we see things during a low mood is clouded and it is not sensible to make any decisions during that moment. And that the intense desire to do something bad during a low mood is more than inviting. But most importantly, we should realize that all these feelings and thoughts will soon go; that we will all be back on the right soon enough.

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