Primarily should point out the importance of

Primarily  the country should try to find new farming practices so that the cost of coffee bean production can be reduced. Currently the high cost of farming is the major issue faced by majority of the coffee farmers. AEQUITAS should point out the importance of innovation for new farming methods.So that the coffee production cost can be minimized. Additionally it should work with governments to reduce the regulations in the coffee farming and production.   The company should point out the importance of creating  a framework and an organization to evaluate sustainable coffee production. “AEQUITAS” should work with government and other NGOs to create a framework for sustainable coffee production.  Then it should ask Costa Rican government to take this to international organizations and use it as benchmark for sustainable coffee production and use it also as a metric in the international trade. AEQUITAS should also convince government to invest in innovations around sustainable coffee production. Costa Rica should promote institutions and hubs that could suggest sustainable business practices like techniques to reduce the fertilizers or how to minimize the amount of water or which trees is the best for providing the shades etc.   Another important step costa rica should venture is promoting  its brand of coffee. It should work with various organization and marketing agencies to find the unique properties of the costa rican coffee and promote the country coffee brand in the international market. Costa Rica should also try to find unique taste attributes in the costa rican coffee and try to use these as a unique attributes and differentiate Costa Rican coffee in the international market. Having a country brand for a product gives unique pricing possibilities.  Finally a major suggestion for the government is to provide subsidies and provide help  for only  sustainable business practices in coffee production and farming. Innovations to increase the sustainable practices should also be funded by the government.   


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