Drcy was first formed at

Elizabeth’s veiw of Mr.

Drcy was first formed at the first ball, he was decided to be ”the proudest,most disagreeable man in the world, and everyone hoped he would never come there again”. There at the ball Mr.Bingley advised Mr.Darcy, as he was standing all alone,to dance with Miss Elizabeth and wished to introduce her but Mr.

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Darcy said,”She is tolerable,but not handsome enough to tempt me;and I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men.” This offended Elizabeth and when she met Charlotte after the ball , What is Elizabeth’s first impression of Mr.Darcy? Is it justified?Elizabeth told her , ”I could forgive his pride ,if he had not mortified mine.”Elizabeth thinks of Mr.Darcy as the most disagreeable man.However,I think she hasn’t justified her opinion of Mr.

Darcy because when Mr,Wickham tells her about Mr.Darcy and his relationship,she never tries to find out the other side of the story but judjes Mr.Darcy from only what she heard from Mr.Wickham.


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