Preston Corey: Giles is an old man at

Preston Cross Mrs. Navarro AP English III 20 December 2017 John Proctor: John is a farmer in the village. He is an honest man but he has committed adultery with his old maid Abigail Williams. John is a man of his word with three children and is arrested for perjury when he confesses his sin in court and his wife tries to protect his name.

A Crucible is a tool used to get the purest forms of metals by melting them and taking away the impurities, John Proctor is a perfect example of the metals that are left. Even though he was going to be executed, he still did not lie or denounce his fellow village people even though it would mean he could be freed. Abigail Williams: Reverend Parris’s niece, Abigail, was John Proctor’s maid and mistress.

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She was fired when Goody Proctor found out about the affair. Abigail is sly, smart, and deceitful. She is very vengeful as well. Abigail is the leader of the bewitched girls. Mary Warren: Mary is the new servant to the Proctors. She is lost and ditsy and she is part of the accusing party against the “witches.

” Mary Warren is driven by her fear of conviction and her righteous path to holiness are what place her on this side. Giles Corey: Giles is an old man at the age of 83. His wife is Martha Corey. His friends are John Proctor and Francis Nurse.

He is self-sufficient and as tough as nails. He stands firm in his beliefs and is as stubborn as a mule. He does not even falter when he is in the presence of death. This is proven when he is pressed to death on Act 4 and his last two words “More Weight.” Rebecca Nurse: Rebecca is a very friendly resident in the village. She is nice to everyone except Ann Putnam. You quickly discover this when she shows no remorse for Ann’s daughter, Ruth in Act 1.

Reverend John Hale: Rev. Hale is a very educated and youthful minister who was brought down to the village as a safety measure. Hale is a supposed witchcraft expert. When the citizens of the village see that Hale has come to town, they lose their minds. Elizabeth Proctor: John Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth, is pregnant with John’s child.

She does not like Abigail Williams, primarily due to the affair that John had with her. Elizabeth can be seen as John’s support. And throughout the novel, we find out that Elizabeth had been sick in the winter that is why John missed church during that time.

Reverend Sam Parris: Rev. Parris is the village’s new pastor. Not many people in the village like him because of his pride and his ironic desire for materialistic pleasures such as Golden Candlesticks. This is a cause of many people defecting from the church. Betty Parris: Betty is the third person in the village to be accused of witchcraft. She is only seen in the first act and not much is discussed of her afterward. Her “possession” has caused her to be delusional and she almost jumped out of the window in the attempt to fly.

Tituba: This Barbadian slave was brought to the village by Rev. Parris. She was the second to be accused of witchcraft. She was seen in the woods with the girls while she was singing native songs. She was detained with Goody Good.

Susanna Walcott: Susanna is Doctor Griggs’ worker. She joins in with the girls in the church when they are screaming at Mary Warren’s canary-like appearance. Mercy Lewis: Mercy Lewis is the servant of the Putnams. She is friends with the accused girls and not much is said of her until she runs away with Abigail Williams. Ann Putnam: Concerned mother of Ruth Putnam and wife of Thomas Putnam. Thomas Putnam: Hard-working landowner who is almost 50 years old. Putnam is very hard headed and argues with nearly every other character.

He dislikes John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey, Reverend Parris, and Francis Nurse. Francis Nurse: Husband to Rebecca Nurse, Francis is a well-respected man in the village. His wife was accused of witchcraft.

Many believe that Thomas Putnam is the one who made the accusations since the Nurses are the ones who denied Putnam’s campaign to be the minister. Sarah Good: Sarah is the first lady in the village to be accused of witchcraft. Not much is said about her. Ezekiel Cheever: Cheever is an officer in the Court of Salem. He is the one who arrests Elizabeth Proctor in Act 2 when he finds a poppet with a needle in it. Marshal Herrick: Herrick is the marshal in the Court of Salem. Judge Hathorne: Hathorne is the pitiless and hard judge of the Court of Salem.

He sees only the evil in the convicted witches when they are on trial. Deputy Governor Danforth: Danforth is a man in his sixties and he is the highest-ranking official in Massachusetts at the time. He is not liked by many in the story. John Proctor and Giles Corey voice their negative opinions about Danforth in Act 3.

Hopkins: A guard at the Salem jail whose main purpose is to announce the arrival of Herrick.


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