Press soap. These jeans are produced in Levi’s

                                    Press ReleaseFor Immediate Release January 18, 2018San Francisco            Levi’s Initiative of Mapping Out a Greener Society Levi Strauss & Company invented the first jeans in 1873. They have an amazing tale of innovation, creativity, and drive. Throughout their history, they have inspired the marketplace.

Now they are ready to enter the green world through their eco jeans which are first fully sustainable denim. Eco jeans are made with completely organic materials and use sustainable production process. They are launching their first eco product on January 25, 2018, in San Francisco.

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Soon this product will be launch worldwide. The jeans are made of 100% organic cotton denim, have button made up of coconut shell on the waistband and also have non-galvanised metal fly buttons. The indigo finish of this product has been produced from mimosa flower, potato starch, and Marseille soap.

These jeans are produced in Levi’s factory at Hungary, on the machine specially made to comply with the certification process. It took six months for Levi to come up with this idea and process of designing this unique eco-friendly product. Levi is producing only 30,000 jeans to launch in its 2% store in San Francisco.  “We found more and more consumers were making product choices based on the environmental and social impact,” said Geert Peeters, the vice president of product management. This was a major reason to launch an eco-product. The interest that consumer was showing in products made from sustainable process compel Levi to come up with this innovation. Reducing carbon emission and switching to organic components will hopefully become a new trend in the marketplace.

This will help in tackling the waste problem and it is in the hand of consumers to bring the change by switching to greener products.  Levi is also planning to launch a range of eco-products next winters. They are exploring to built benefit in a sustainable way. Featuring the renewable and recyclable product is the mainstream interest of Levi Strauss & Company. Contact:Media Coordinator: [email protected] 7777      Source URL: {1}                            {2}


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