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Preservation! Many people go on with their lives without thinking about the cost behind the electricity that is entangled into our day to day activities. To be more specific, I’m talking about the use of non-renewable resources. Individuals are ill-informed of the impacts that non-renewable resources have on the environment. Renewable resources on the other hand, have less impact on the environment. The three resources that my town will use are solar energy, wind energy, and biomass. The factors I have taken into account for my town’s energy needs are efficiency, and the availability of these methods.

  The first method of energy production that I chose was solar energy. Solar energy is derived from energy conversion inside solar panels. I chose this energy type because solar energy is easily renewable. One advantage of solar energy, is that it is a good, clean energy alternative for fossil fuels. Another advantage of solar energy is that there is no waste production. You don’t need to throw anything afterwards because it’s just the conversion of solar cells. On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages of using this resource.

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This includes the cost of storage and the fact that this form of energy is weather dependent. As you know, the sun does not shine 24/7 due to night time and the different weather phases. In order to keep up with the demand for electricity, solar panels must always have stored energy.  The second method of energy production that I chose was wind energy. It is formed from the conversion of air movement to electricity. I choses this energy resource because wind doesn’t contribute to pollution.

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