Preservation Imperial Eagle’s diet consists mostly of rabbits

Preservation of the Spanish Imperial EagleBy: Priya GuptaThe Spanish Imperial Eagle is a raptor that is greatly endangered, it lives mostly in Spain and some parts of Portugal and Morocco. Spain:According to “Spain Population (LIVE).”Spain has a population 46.4 million people.

According to

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Spain’s climate in the summer is dry and hot. In the winter Spain is very rainy and wet. Spain also has many beautiful beaches, forests, rivers and mountains and is located in south west Europe.

(“Spain Population (LIVE)”) (“”). Its Habitat:According to Jais, the Spanish Imperial Eagle lives in forests and marshes. Sometimes they can also be found in agricultural areas. If you leave them alone you can find them anywhere as long as there is a flock of rabbits nearby.

(Jais).The Ecosystem It is a Part of: The Spanish Imperial Eagle, is a consumer more specifically a carnivore. According to Jais the Spanish Imperial Eagle’s diet consists mostly of rabbits and sometimes pigeons and other birds. Without the Spanish Imperial Eagle our ecosystem would experience some changes, there wouldn’t be as many birds of prey eating rabbits which means that there would be more rabbits. If there are more rabbits than they would eat more grass, and other vegetables. To get more vegetables they could possibly attack our farms which would directly affect us because we would have less to eat.

Ofcourse there could be other not as dramatic outcomes but as Marshall said “It’s hard to predict the effect of killing off a species unless you go ahead and kill it – and then it’s too late to reverse it.” (Jais) (Marshall).  Why They are Endangered:The Spanish Imperial eagle is endangered because of us humans. According to Minolta, a scenario similar to the one I described in the previous paragraph actually happened in the 1960’s. The Spanish Imperial Eagle population got down to about only 30 pairs left in the wild. This happened because of deforestation and poaching.

With Imperial Eagle population going down so quickly farmers had to use pesticides to keep away the bunnies which weren’t getting eaten. However that definitely didn’t help the Imperial Eagle population either because rabbits are what they eat most. If they eat poisoned rabbits they get poisoned too. So all of a sudden now there are 3 reasons why the Imperial Eagles are endangered.

Deforestation which is destroying their habitat, poaching and now they are getting poisoned. (Minolta)What Can/Is Be/Being Done to Save the Imperial Eagle using Science: We can put ‘tags’ or collars on the Imperial Eagles so we can track them by satellite, this way we can observe the Imperial Eagles and make sure they don’t run into any trouble. Since one of the reasons the Imperial Eagles are endangered is deforestation so to save their habitat and countless others maybe it’s time we turn completely digital or as digital as possible. For the little paper that we absolutely need to use maybe we can find another way to make a different type of paper that doesn’t require the home of countless animals and the lungs of our planet. We can stop using pesticides or atleast use pesticides that don’t harm the animal but just keep it away. Why We Should or Shouldn’t Protect Endangered Species:There seem to be many reasons to why we shouldn’t protect endangered species and not nearly as many to why we shouldn’t. One of the biggest, if not the biggest reason why people think there is no need to protect endangered species is the how much it costs.

According to Marshall


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