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International marketing is an opportunity to meet the needs of people in different countries. Being the basis of the marketing, which denotes the needs and desires of customers, identifies the methods aimed at satisfying those needs and meets the organizational objectives, the international marketing performs the same actions, but on the global arena. In other words, international marketing “involves the firm in establishing manufacturing/processing facilities around the world and coordinating marketing strategies across the globe” (Doole and Lowe 6). To prepare a successful international marketing plan, it is important to consider the 4 P’s and their role in marketing strategy. Chevy Camaro made in Oshawa, Canada is chosen as a product which is going to be exported to the USA for selling. We are going to consider the main marketing strategies which include product description, price and place peculiarities, and promotion specifics of the product along with other aspects which should be covered while creating an international marketing plan.

Marketing Strategy

It is important to note that 2011 Chevy Camaro is the most expensive car in the family, and at the same time the most comfortable and best in use.

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Keeping in mind that we are going to sell the models produced in other years, income level of the consumers may vary. Moreover, the target market of the product is absolutely different, both men and women of different age may be our customers. The citizens of the USA are going to see our product. Chevrolet is a recognizable brand and Chevy Camaro is a family which has been produces since 1966 up to now. Cost leadership also influences the international marketing we are going to lead. We are going to focus on customization, as our clients can choose the options they want to have in their cars and build their personal variants of Chevy Camaro (Chevrolet Camaro).


Considering the product adaptation to the American needs, it is important to understand that no specific changes are going to be made. Being produced in Canada, the instructions are written in English, the main laws are met, so the product is ready to the consumption. In addition, having a customization marketing strategy, the American citizens have an opportunity to adjust the product qualities to their needs by means of choosing the items they need. The variety of different models should be also taken into account.

The customers have an opportunity to choose the cars of the previous years of production.


The price is going to be higher in the USA than in Canada due to a number of different reasons. Thus, to offer Americans a car which costs $28,585 in Canada, the company should set the price at least $1,000-$2,000 higher as the transportation costs should be taken into account and warehousing. Still, the built your car option makes it possible to eliminate the warehousing costs. The insurance and bank fees are already included in the price. So, to buy a car which costs $28,585 in Canada, an American is going to pay about $30,000. Having compared and contrasted the car prices from other automakers, it can be concluded that people are ready to buy Chevy Camaro by minimum $30,000.


Mass media remains the best promotion means.

Still, the raise of the Internet users creates an opportunity for different kinds of ads. The Internet advertising, email newsletters, and mobile marketing strategies may be used for product promotion. The social media network should be used as a means of promotion. For example, it is possible to create an account on Facebook with the detailed information about dealers and options each customer in the USA has.


Being created in Canada, the cars should be delivered to the USA dealers. The customization principle of work does not exclude the presence of Chevy Camaro models in the country. The train transportation of the Canadian product to the USA is the best choice when too many cars should be delivered. Still, if time is crucial and the cars should be delivered fast, the auto transportation should be used. The train should deliver the cars to the central office of Chevrolet dealers and then the cars should be conveyed to the city dealers.


In conclusion, it should be stated that Chevy Camaro is a product which can be successfully sold in the USA. The brand name plays important role, and the price which is going to be put on the cars is suitable for consumers. The company should use appropriate promotional strategies and implement the marketing strategies which are going to attract the consumers.

The correct choice of the product, place, promotion and price are the main factors which influence the sales rate. We have chosen the USA which is ready to buy Canadian cars by the price the states and via the promotion it applies. The company has a high experience in the international marketing, so, we do not expect many problems. Moreover, the perfectly chosen place, affordable prices, high-quality product and professional promotion are the guarantees of successful results.

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