Pregnancies. causes. Babies can be expensive. They need

Pregnancies. Babies. This new part of life is growing in your stomach but, you don’t exactly want it. What do you do? There are many other things you can do, but one option is to get an abortion.

Abortions can happen with either pill or the just the plain surgery. There are different types of abortions you can do depending on how far you are during the pregnancy. The abortion debate has been going on for ages. Its stated in 2011, 42% of unintended pregnancies ended in abortions. Some states make it illegal and the others specific situations. Abortions should be legal for everybody including financial, mental/physical health and rape causes. Babies can be expensive. They need so many things, sometimes you can’t keep track of what you do or don’t have.

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Having a child would be exceptionally hard especially if you’re in poverty. “For a pregnant woman who is already struggling to get by, the cost of an abortion or a baby may be more than she can afford on her own.” (“Abortion in the Lives of Women Struggling Financially: Why Insurance Coverage Matters”, p2-3) If a woman can’t even afford necessary essentials for living, how can she go, buy, afford and provide for someone that requires more supplies that required? Also, more importantly, how can she go afford an abortion that cast more than $400 with her financial status.

“Women who want an abortion but are denied one are more likely to spend years living in poverty than women who have abortions, a new study suggests.” (“Denial of abortion leads to economic hardship for low-income women”, p1) This study shows that women who were denied abortions became more exposed to becoming into poverty. Abortions help women not to end up that way, they can help them even.Women who receive abortions are less likely to suffer mental health problems than women who didn’t get abortions. For example, “A Sep. 2013 peer-reviewed study comparing the mental health of women who received abortions to women denied abortions found that women who were denied abortions ‘felt more regret and anger’ and ‘less relief and happiness’ than women who had abortions” (“Should Abortion Be Legal”, p1). Therefore, deciding to have an abortion can make you less stressed and more relaxed from deciding that an abortion was the right thing to do.

Additionally, “The same study also found that 95% of women who received abortions “felt it was the right decision” a week after the procedure” (“Should Abortion Be Legal,” p1). Almost all the women who had an abortion have said were glad they got it, they became happier. This proves abortions can increase your happiness and possibly improve your life. Abortions should be legal for reasons that the woman holding the child is in danger of dying and other health concerns. For example, in some cases, a woman is required to have an abortion to survive a pregnancy. “An example is the diabetic woman who develops a condition in pregnancy called hyperemesis gravidarum which is uncontrollable vomiting associated with pregnancy. She becomes malnourished and dehydrated in spite of intravenous therapy and other treatment, threatening heart failure, among other things. Only an abortion will cure this life-threatening condition” (“Abortion – Reasons For Abortions”, p1) If you are in a certain damaging condition because of your pregnancy, you need to do anything that may help you overcome it or else you’ll hurt yourself even more and if the only option is to have an abortion, then let it.

If the pregnancy is affecting your life in a negative way, as in it being a risk to your life, you can have an abortion (ground 1) in most countries, “There are only six main grounds for allowing abortion apply in most countries: ground 1 – risk to life” (Abortion Law and Policy Around the World, p3). It is a law and policy in some areas of the world that consider that if a child is becoming a risk to a mother’s life then the mother is allowed to have an abortion and remove the fetus when needed. This is the first ground a woman can qualify to have the abortion.Abortion should be legal where the woman’s cause of pregnancy is the result of a crime. “Survivors have a right to comprehensive reproductive health care that includes the ability to access services for termination of pregnancies in the event that they conceive as a result of rape or defilement.” (“Cry of rape victims: Let abortion be part of care”, p4).

Another example says, “Our laws must provide rape survivors the right to decide what is good for their health and lives.” (Padilla, p2). If a woman got a raped, survived and became pregnant, they should have the privilege to have a say on what should happen and to them and the baby without people and opinions getting in the way and telling them that they can’t or shouldn’t have an abortion.On the other hand, people may say “Abortion can also lead to serious health complications, and in some cases, the worst case scenario can be death.” (Ladock, p1).

Though that may be true and possible, it isn’t quite common. Also if you go to a trustworthy and legal clinic to do the abortions then the risk of dying wouldn’t be so high. If you’re doing a legal abortion and your country that allows it then, finding a place to get it done wouldn’t be so hard and neither will be the process.Abortions should be legal for everybody including financial, mental/physical health and rape causes. It should be legal for the fact that not everyone can afford to care for a child or even just giving birth to one, It’s damaging a woman mentally and physically, by the woman not being able to survive the pregnancy or they feel pain and even stress from choosing the wrong decision of not having the abortion. Lastly, rape/incest victims should have the choice to abort-ionize the baby. They didn’t want to get pregnant and have a baby nor being sexually violated.

For these reasons, the United States should make abortions safe and legal for all woman.Sources”Pros and Cons of Abortion.”,

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