Pre-internship realistic experience relating with how to do

Pre-internshipWriting Assignment #1 Internshipsare investments in your future. In today’s competitive job market, employersare looking for the best of the best. Employers want you to have a glowingresume; a range of extracurricular hobbies and previous professionalexperience. However, where can students get experience if no one will hire thembecause employers are looking for someone with experience? This is a vicious cyclethat can only be changed through internship experiences. Doing internship willallow students to get all of the personal and cultural benefits whilesimultaneously reaping the professional advantages of doing an internship. Although,not all internships produce cash payment, they do pay in other ways.

Here are afew reasons why internships are an investment in a student’s future: 1)   Realworld experience: Joininga company as an intern provides the opportunity to gain insider knowledgespecific to the industry that you are interested in. work hands on in aprofessional environment. You will be in the professional environment where youcan decide whether or not this is the right field for you and pursue different careeroptions.

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As an intern you’re not just there to get coffee or run errands butyou’re there to gain actual relevant work experiences. Internships help byteaching you more about the career path you are pursuing. Think of it like this– internships are a way to test drive possible jobs and explore differentcareer options.2)   Develop professional skills: Academic learning can only take youso far. In a internship you can sharpen and improve the professional skillsrelated to your field; gain professional connections; learn how to communicatein a professional manner and obtain practical and realistic experience relatingwith how to do the job well. You can also acquire a lot of useful resources andnetwork, find a professional mentor and develop references.3)Resume Builder: Employers are more likely to hire someone withinternship and significant work experience, rather than an inexperienced collegegraduate.

Without asolid resume it can be tougher to be considered for a position. II.           Informationfound in Google searchUpon googling myself, I found my Facebook profileand a quote that I mentioned through in interview with the State Attorney’s Office during my internship.

 III.           Whatyou plan to do about any negative material that you located now and in thefuture? I plan to continue to be aware of my surroundings andpay close attention to how I conduct myself in public because negative things canbe easily recorded and become a part of my permanent record on social media.IV.          How doyou think negative material could impact your internship/job search. Some people say that as social media becomes the latestbranding strategy, networking technique, job seeking tool and recruitmentvehicle, it also becomes the latest way for people to get job offers rescinded.Therefore, it’s important to find ways to manipulate negative material thatwill impact my internship and job search.

For example, I would avoid posting: photosor discussions about illegal activities even in a joking manner; angry orargumentative comments and threads; offensive sentiments or images; images andupdates that reference a focus on partying and getting crazy.


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