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Stephen MunezBarlas ERWC14 December 2017The Power Of Electricity The idea of renewable energy is such a shock to the society, the question is, “What can the people do with this idea of using energy as our source for fuel?” First everyone has to understand the meaning of electricity, which known as energy,  it is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons). EV or electric vehicles are a combo of electricity and one motor to create movement and contributes to the drive of the wheels. Financially, EV are a good benefit not only for the environment, but also for the consumer, cheaper to maintain you could use the money you save to get a battery pack or an additional attachment to the EV. There are many kinds of cars that can be used without petrol fuel, but a better source would always be electricity. By having electricity, or electric cars, it can benefit the car industry while also creating good effects towards the environment, global warming is an serious thing to take care of, therefore electricity should be the right source of energy for a car. This issue has been debated since the invention of an electric motor, in the 19th century by inventor William Morrison.

During the early 20th century electric cars have been used to lower gas use, especially for taxis and passenger cars. One current event related to this issue is global warming, it is causing our earth to melt and be destroyed by us. By having electric cars we can reduce the deadly gas our cars make which is a greenhouse gas making our home warmer and warmer. A quote from the U.S. Department Of Energy states, “All-electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which specifically helps improve air quality in urban areas” (Matulka). This clearly explains how cars today use so many gasoline that we make dangerous gas that not only affects us but also affects our home, which creates more and more problems.

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Global warming is a important problem, but some actually believe that it is a hoax or a trick by the government, but in truth our sea level is rising our temperatures are increasing yet people do not believe. The main problem of petrol cars is that it creates so much emotion that it creates so much pollutants, for example photochemical smog that creates the gas that affect many people today. A quote from EPA states, “Automotive engines generally operate on fuel-rich mixtures, which means that there is not quite enough oxygen to completely burn the fuel.

As a result, there is an excess of unburnt hydrocarbons, particularly along the cylinder walls, and substantial amounts of carbon monoxide” (“Automobile Emissions”). This creates the problem of CO2 levels rising and affecting our greenhouse gas. EVs are or should be the future of cars, it would affect the environment in an good way also inviting our life to be better.   There are only three main components of an EV the computer, the battery, lastly the Motor.

Not only is it cheaper to maintain, but there is not a lot of moving parts to watch out for. A quote from gale states “First, the electric motor is directly connected to the wheels, so it consumes no energy while the car is at rest or coasting. Secondly, a regenerative braking system can return as much as half an electric vehicle’s kinetic energy to the storage cells.

Third, the motor converts more than 90 percent of the energy in its storage cells to motive force” (Freedman). There are many reasons why electric cars are a good way to use as transportation, but not everyone knows how EVs work and how easy it is to take care and use them. It is a benefit economically and for the environment.

Also internal combustion engines use less than 25 percent of the energy per gallon, whereas EVs use all of the energy stored in the battery which makes it more and more efficient.  Which not only help you and also helps limit the use of petrol of gasoline.  Not only it is cheaper to maintain, but better a quote from gale “today’s EVs can handle these trips with ease. An EV averages 40–100 mi (34–160 km) per charge” (“Top 7 Disadvantages of Electric Cars”). Electricity stations are free to use that is another benefit because you won’t be paying just to charge a car for 30 min they will actually reward you with more promotions or merchandise. Due to EVs efficient ways these cars deserve to be driven on the roads not only for the practicality but also for the environment. In recent years, human population has been increasing larger and larger at a fast rate, majority of our waste is man made examples are cars, fuel, wars.

A statistic by Bureau of transportation in 2012 states “In recent years, about one third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have come from the transportation sector and pollution from cars, pickups, SUVs and minivans make up the majority of transportation emissions” (Yawitz). This shows how much pollution we create, this is bad for the planet and will have consequences towards the population. At the conclusion of GLOBAL WARMING , the change is not only affecting humans and the planet, but also affecting our habitats, oceans, and ice cores “concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide now substantially exceed the highest concentrations recorded in ice cores during the past 800,000 years” (Freedman). The population has kept on taking since the invention of the motor and gasoline, but before it did not show any effect towards the source.

Coral reefs have been dying, animals from the Somerset Island in Canada, by using the electricity it will alter the globe in a good way where nature finds herself to heal and begin a new life.   In many occasions, people say that their cars are efficient enough to drive around a block, however that is not true because whenever drivers accelerate those cars use gasoline to provide power to the wheels. Although it is expensive and toxic for some chemicals, it is still a great idea to try and clean earth and try to reduce of emission production of cars in one year. All electric cars wouldn’t pass the percentage of pollution being produced which is 30% of the departments. There are two basic kinds of plug-ins: Battery electric vehicles that run exclusively on electricity and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that can run on electricity for a limited distance before switching to gas/electric hybrid mode. While it is cleaner to drive an EV there are also disadvantages by it: Yes, the ‘clean & green’ electric cars cause pollution too, albeit indirectly. While themselves being clean, there are toxic elements within batteries and which could spew toxic fumes.

Further, the car’s engines are powered by electricity, and all of which isn’t generated from renewable energy sources (Nealer). The way the car works are by batteries, making the batteries, it cost a lot and also creates pollution, but making batteries have less pollution than combustible engines. lastly, it is very short distance to travel in a EV car a quote from GearHeads “The cars can travel only about a 100 miles on an average, and on a single charge. The technology of Chrysler’s proposed EVs is supposed to have the cars run longer, though” (“Top 7 Disadvantages of Electric Cars”). This explains why electric cars did not sell to many consumers. At the same time today’s technology is creating better and better batteries to have a better mileage to help the environment.

In conclusion, EVs or electric cars are or should be the best option for any kinds of transportation. There will be long time effects, but at the same time using EVs will increase the chance of pollution decreasing. While a new perspective towards EVs are new there would always be new technology and better way to view transportation without sacrificing the comfort of consumers and drivers. EVs are able to help create new ideas that give people a chance to create new things. Humans have evolved so much, beginning with the creation of the wheel, so should our way of transportation and the way our population lives towards earth. It is very hard for someone to get used to the idea of stopping just to charge, but humans have learned how to adapt since the golden age, nothing should stop the population from adapting to the idea of renewable energy.  As Nikola Tesla used to say: “My turbine is a … radical departure in the sense that its’ success would mean the abandonment of the antiquated types of prime movers on which billions of dollars have been spent.

Under such circumstances the progress must needs be slow and perhaps the greatest impediment is encountered in the prejudicial opinions created in the minds of experts by organized opposition” (Tesla).Explaining to his friends that his electric turbine would beat any heat or combustion turbine. Which would in their lifetime Nikola Tesla is an engineer that always believed that electricity should be the source of power that can be used by anyone in the world instead of being charged and using that source as a money maker. He also believed that by having electricity, it would provide a renewable source that won’t harm the city he lived in. Although it is an idea that would be treated as trash, or a ignorant idea it would be a revolutionary way to save our sources on earth and will also help our environment and nature. Overall, in general, people still wonder which vehicle they should choose, although, it is something they do not prefer because of the price, but by spreading the usage of the EV it would benefit our population while having a great comfort zone on earth and the car industry. Work Cited”Automobile emissions.” Environmental Encyclopedia, edited by Deirdre S.

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