Power the authority to control things lot of

Power is a major influential force and plays a main action to get the desired results. The power gives the confidence and ability to twist the hand and make the one to accept the situations and actions of the people around us.
Position-based power: Donald Trump: Being the president of US gives immense power as it is position-based power in a particular higher position. The power controls the all things and the authority to control things lot of happenings and as well as in world dealings. The legitimate power can also influence social norms and can structure several ways of expected obligations. The expert power performs critical tasks with their opinions, ideas, and decisions of people held in high regard and therefore deemed indispensable. Coercive power influence other employee’s threats, punishments or sanctions to avoid their disciplinary actions, and control the behaviour of others by ensuring that they adhere to the organizations policies. The reward power works greatly to the one in the society can greatly demoralize and diminish their outputs.
Informational source of power: This is the collection of data that is used to influence the other ones, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the facebook and whatsapp, the person who is considered as one of the most powerful person in the society who holds the information of millions of users in the world.
Relationship based power: Jonah Peretti, co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed are the best one for the relationship based power that has changed the way news delivered to the viewers. This is the power which is achieved through the group of members with the same common mission which deals the interdependence of goal and the position in the network. This relationship manages the flow through the position and controls that attains through their personality, interpersonal relationship and veracity.
Contextual power: Mr. Narendra Modi the prime minister of India used the contextual power strategy to win the elections with the best negotiated deal plans. The contextual power from the alternative strategy the negotiator will feel powerful by getting a best alternative plan in place BATNA and the same plan gets him the desired results in the society.


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