Positive are not only restricted to individual

Positive thinking depends on good faith, expectation and conviction that diligent work is never squandered. The impacts of positive reasoning are mystical. The feeling tones up every muscle of the body and actuates each nerve of the brain for an ideal coordination between the body and the mind to carry out the activity when trust enlivens into an individual; his/her endeavors become focused and sincere. The vision of accomplishment and the magnificence or gratefulness related with it pushes a man to work such that no stone is left unturned to accomplish the coveted objective. It is something oppositely restricted to negative thinking which is being frightful, fearful and uncertain of achievement in efforts.The concept of Positive thinking and its impact are always been the topic of research due to their benefits for individual and society as a whole. Our thinking style determine our personality, it determine what kind of individual we are and are likely to become in future.

Although positive thinking is just the one part of our personality but it is the most important factor in personality formation. The research shows that positive thinking has number of beneficial outcomes, which are not only restricted to individual alone but are extended to the community also. There is a high correlation between positive thinking and better health, as also indicated in questionnaire result that many people believe positive thinkers are likely to be in better state of health in life throughout. Additionally it is observed that positive thinkers are more likely to be altruistic in nature, as they deal with all the problems with positive mind instead of getting depressed at the time of failure hence they are more likely to help others with similar situations.

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Furthermore there is a positive relationship between positive thinking and happiness, the more positive thinker an individual is, happier he/she is likely to be in life. However the impacts of positive thinking are easier said the done; it is easy to list down the benefits but hard to develop the habit of positive thinking.There is no uncertainty in the claim that impacts of positive thinking are beneficial in every aspect.

Nonetheless it is inappropriate to say that everyone should be a positive thinker, as it is easy to say and hard to apply. There is less data on how individual should become positive thinker and how to maintain positivity in hard times. Listing down the impact does not guarantee change but adopting policies of bringing a change would make a real impact. Overall this research paper demonstrates that the impacts of positive thinking are positive.


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