Position yet this country struggles to produce a

                                    Position paper for the WFP (WorldFood Programme)Thetopic before the WFP are “Establishing a Framework to Increase the Supply ofFood through Technology” and “Food and Water security”         I.

           Establishing a Framework to Increasethe Supply of Food Through Technology          Technologycontribution for producing food in developing countries can impact on their dayto day life on major scales. Sustainable development goal 2 by the world foodprogramme is to eradicate malnutrition by 2030 or Achieve Zero Hunger. There areabout 793 million people globally who are undernourished stated by the food andagriculture (FAO) due to several factors such as weather, poor infrastructure,poverty,Lack of Investment in Land andAgriculture and much more.

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More than 70 percent of Nepal’spopulation works in agriculture yet this country struggles to produce a fairamount of food supply. Due to weak agricultural production and low crop yieldthe rural economies have fallen. Sometime during the year 2 outta 3 Nepalesesuffer from food insecurity.IFAD, FAO and WFP have been working hand in handand jointly exploring innovative ways of increasing the volume of fundingavailable for improving food security and rural livelihoods. Not forgetting toovercome these issues new technologies have also been made that could predictdisasters or food insecurity months before they take place. This would givefarmers time to prepare for it beforehand. The E-agricultureStrategy published by the FAO and the International Telecommunication Union canprovide a framework for countries in developing their national e-agriculturestrategies, Guide, which can implant the whole agribusiness esteem chain withmodern innovations. To increase productivity new and existing technologies couldbe used which would enhance soil, increase crop and livestock productivity, andfight biotic and abiotic stress.

The dimension of food accessibility can beaddressed by agro-processing, Storage, refrigeration and transport. Using Scienceto produce high nutrient staple crops to fight malnutrition improving foodapplication and use.              In developing countries with regards to creating foodsecurity the environmental impacts GM crops is important. GM crops can killorganisms other than pests that are beneficial to plants and potentially transferinsecticidal properties or virus resistance to wild relatives of the cropspecies moreover also reduce soil fertility. The UN food agency has beenfocusing on trying to help rural communities by providing medium-sizedemployment schemes for road construction and rebuilding destroyed bridges andbuildings.

Villagers get food instead of cash for their labor. This is one ofthe short term solutions other than that by setting up Feeding programs.  


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