POS focuses on positive processes and states that

POS focuses on positive processes and states that occur in associations withorganizational contexts.

It examines positive phenomena inside organizationsas well as positive organizational contexts themselves. POS drawsfrom the complete spectrum of organizational theories to know, explain,and predict the prevalence, causes, and consequences of positivity. POS expandsthe boundaries of these theories to create visible positive states, positiveprocesses, and positive relationships that are generally neglected insideorganizational studies. for instance, POS spotlights however the virtue oforganizations is associated with financial performance within the context ofdownsizing, in contrast to a more typical concentrate on however organizations try andmitigate the harmful effects of downsizing (Cameron); or, how organizational practices enable people to craft meaningful workthrough fostering individual “callings,” in contrast to a a lot of typical focuson employee productivity or morale (Wrzesniewski); or, how the cascading dynamics of empowerment produce broader inclusion of stakeholders publicly organizations, in contrast to a focus on the political dynamics of stakeholder demands ( Feldman and Khademian); or, how building on strengths produces a lot of positive outcomes in a numerous array of settings like classroom learning, employee commitment, leadership development, and firm profitability, in contrast to a additional typical target managing or overcoming weaknesses (Clifton and Harter). As this sampling of studies implies, a POS lens exposes new or completely different mechanisms through that positive organizational Structure dynamics and positive organizational processes turn out terribly positiveor surprising outcomes. At a similar time, POS deliberately illuminateshow contexts and processes, and their interactions, are associated withpositive states in individuals, groups, and organizations.

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