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It is my understanding that the Libertarian, Neo Liberal, the compassionateConservative and the Progressive share one thing in common even though it maysee that way. All seek the means to find a “Just Society” in whichthis nation can benefit economically and socially. The view point of theLibertarian on W2, would use the argument of it is not fare for those whom hadto work hard for what they have. Why should somebody who is able to work shouldbe given another chance to better themselves. Not only did my taxes try to helpyou, but you didn’t even take advantage of it.

The underclass that did not takein to full consideration of what was being given to them. They shouldn’t begiven help, its their problem that they are where they are and why should I payfor their mistakes? The means of making yourself a better citizen and workingforce are there. If I worked hard why cant you? The view point of theLibertarian is strong in saying you must take action for your responsibility asa working citizen that is able to fend for themselves. And it is not thegovernments role to help you live your life.

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Instead helping the underclass itmaking matters worse not only is government making people believe thatgovernment is there to pay for your mistakes, especially when its my hard earnedmoney on the line. In order to really help the underclass is by giving the powerto non profit organizations, churches, community centers where people really areaffected, not in some building that will make you think, ” Oh I can affordto quit my job, because I know that I get that welfare check and the foodstamps.” The final thought from the Liberal is that it doesn’t see thatgovernments role is to make life easier.

The Neo-Liberal, ” We must talkabout such things as efficiency and effectiveness is we ever want to achievesocial justice”. The question the N.L. would raise is why haven’t thesepeople better themselves? ? it is our responsibility as leaders and as citizensto help fellow Americans.

Thus we must find what went wrong. The N.L., which Iwill admit I don’t fully understand its view points that well. I would say is alot more willing to spend tax payers money on more programs such as W2, to helpthose of the underclass to obtain a better living standard.

But programs thathelp, meaning that it just doesn’t make people who need it but keeping the mainidea that, to create “effectiveness”. Effectiveness in which we cansee the results, and do away with biased programs such as affirmative actionwhich are in reality unjust and unethical. The compassionate Conservative mainidea and focus to my understanding is “free market”. The C.C. wouldsay that the government shouldn’t create another program to help those that forsome reason did not benefit from it. To help the underclass by doing away withsuch programs that don’t help, but in fact make their situation worse. Theseindividuals were given the chance, no, the opportunity to better themselves.

Whyshould government continue to give a free ride to these individuals that do nottake the individual responsibility. Let the individual take action for his orher responsibility to make it in the free market . And not waiting for thegovernment to continue it’s free ride.

Its view points is that government is notdoing its duty by helping the free market , by creating more programs with taxpayers money that don’t affect the root of the problem, the community. You cantchange a person, but you can change the environment in which they live. Also Isee that it is more willing to give power to the churches and community centers.Rather than to create more programs that do not help the free market , butcreate more social problems , i.e. teen pregnancies and welfare abuse.

TheProgressives view point is that the key to social justice os the barrier ofracism. That the biggest problem in the underclass is black America. It is acommon stereotype that it is black America that faces this problem. The realityis that it isn’t just minorities its also is the white Americans.

In order to doaway with this problem the view point of the Progressive is the encouragement ofracial diversity. Therefore creating tolerance for one another would reach thegoal of a just society and get rid of this idea that its just the black or justthe whites, or whomever it is that is placed under basic stereotypes. The otherfocus is that we must come together as a community and as a nation to help oneanother to better ourselves as a whole and not as individuals. Power to thepeople by uniting as a whole you do away with all these social problems. Once wedo away with underclass stereotype and see that it can be anybody in thatsituation. We can do away with all these problems. My point of view with what Ihave seen and heard is the following, when it all comes down to it, it is theindividual whom decides what role he or she wants to play in our society, allmeans to become under class and even high class are there.

This nation is trulythe land of opportunity and gives the chance to any individual to obtain andachieve the American dream. I believe this because I have witnessed it with myown eyes I am the product of underclass that has been given the chance to besomething in life. I have witnessed both urban and suburbia America. Private andpublic schools I have both been in.

I have met a diversity of people and I havecome to the conclusion that no matter what government role should play in ourlives it is doing it. Wether or not we notice it, its there government willalways be there. The role it plays now is perfect. Our society seems to disagreebut the truth is this, we live in country where we have the right to doinganything we want. You could even get away with murder, my point is this that nomatter what side of the city you live and no matter how you live you still havethe opportunity to do what you wish.

American eyes, view the world throughAmerican eyes and you would see that the truth is that we live in a country thatthere are no limitations, just restrictions that protect us from ourselves. Andstill you will find that people do not realize that America is the only place inthe world that you can express your self and live a life that is not like anyother even if you are on welfare, this a democracy were even he poor have achance. The underclass can achieve a place in our society that gives themrespect.

In conclusion, the political parties that I have read about andcomprehend what they are about is this that it is in the dollar sign that willmake us who we want to be in this society and the only way we can achieve a truejust society is to get rid of certain ideas that force us to think that money iswhat gives the right to live and right to die. When the true essence is that wewere created equal, maybe not in the eyes of man but in the image of God.


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