He molding a German consensus for his leadership

He spoke to the people about what he could do for them if he were elected, but he always took the time to let them know that he understood their situation and what they had been through. This was an equally important aspect of his oratory skills that is often overlooked by those that study Hitler. He had a unique ability to blend all of these different attributes into a beautiful presentation.

As mentioned earlier, there was something for everyone in each one of his speeches. In the end, though, all of these people were brought together under the flag of togetherness.This was the important point. All in all, Adolf Hitler made his way to twenty-one different election rallies, according to data supplied by ThinkQuest Encyclopedia.

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That widespread dedication to becoming one of the common people was something that those people would not soon forget. On top of his fantastic oratory skills, Hitler knew how to produce the correct type and correct amount of propaganda to get to his people in the most effective form possible. In his effort to persuade the German people, Adolf Hitler employed the help of a man known as Goebbels.This man was the one that was in charge of powering the propaganda machine for the Nazi party. He did his job so well that many have suggested that Hitler would not have been able to power his mission without his help. Even Holocaust survivors have weighed in on the impact of this man in the entire ordeal. One survivor, Alexander Kimel, made a serious mention of Goebbels in his memoirs when he wrote, “Hitler could not have achieved his aggressive designs and drag the world into an orgy of violence and destruction without molding a German consensus for his leadership through propaganda and terror.

The terror was supplied in adequate dosages by Himmler, while Goebbels was orchestrating and directing the propaganda machine” (Kimel). This Holocaust survivor is one of the people that is ultimately most qualified to speak on the issue, as the propaganda provided by this man had a serious impact on how his life played out. The Goebbels propaganda method was quite simple, but it was extremely effective.

He put out enough information that people eventually began to accept what he said and wrote as being the absolute truth.In a way, it became the gospel by which people had to live during that time. Among the various things that Goebbels convinced people in Germany of was the idea that Hitler was a God-like figure and the idea that persecuting Jews was somehow a good thing. He told people that the Jews were the people who should be faulted for their economic troubles. Like Hitler, this was a man that clearly understood what type of speech and what type of motivation to use in an attempt to motivate people.

Unlike Hitler, it would be hard to call Goebbels a great leader, though.He was much more of a pure manipulator. The use of this form of propaganda became extremely important during that time because it reinforced the things that Hitler was saying to the German people. If Hitler’s speeches were not enough to put away their doubts, they could look to the newspapers or to local radio stations and hear the stuff that was being said.

It gave Hitler legitimacy that he would not have otherwise had, which is why it has been noted by so many historians as being a powering force behind the entire situation.In a way, the use of Goebbels propaganda was an excellent compliment to the use of great public speaking by Adolf Hitler. Without the other, neither of these would have been nearly as effective or successful in changing the minds of the German people.

The reasons why the Nazi party and Hitler were able to gain control of office in Germany are simple on the surface, yet very complex if one were to take the time to dig a little bit deeper. In fact, important themes of motivation and sociology are addressed in this situation.The Nazis were able to exist because their views on the economy gave them a place in the minds of the German people. Hitler and the Nazis were able to have a prominent place and gain control because Hitler put himself in the hearts of the German people. This is the primary difference in how the motivation went.

Hitler and his bunch walked into a perfect storm and benefited from being in the right place at the right time. Eventually, he was able to combine the perfect use of his own oratory prowess and his master propaganda maker in order to manipulate the people into doing and believing what he wanted them to believe.Once Hitler and the Nazis turned the German people into believers, they could do whatever they wanted in terms of policy and military campaigning.

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