Poetry can be put into the form

Poetry in its best
sense has always appealed to readers because they are beautifully written. Many
of the poems are written in abstraction and so need to be explained in a manner
that deems understanding. But sonnets are easy to understand because the writer
tries to manifest his new ideas into fourteen lines and sheer imagery. Oral
communication on the other hand throws power on the ability of the speaker to
convey his feelings”. Personification was an oral tool that preserved speeches
normally used to convey the poetic effect of the written word. It literary
terms personification is called an abstraction. Sonnets are very clearly
presented in rhyme and rhythm so that it can be put into the form of a person
and in the instances of the beauty of nature along with the inherent beauty of
personification are very visible here. In contrast one can see the simple but
effective use of emotions which is very precise and clear when he speaks to his
mother in emotion filled tone about the different seasons and the beauty of the
beloved or the beauty of some unknown natural. All the poems chosen are sonnets
in the sense that they are short poems which make it easy to read and
understand by virtue of being exemplary in their imagery.

Short compositions
in poetry often have deep meaning. for instance, they do have the complexity of
thoughts which is bound together. Keeping the well-knit aspect of the short
compositions, my selection for this journal would include the Sonnets 18 by Shakespeare, Billy Collins’
Sonnet, William Wordsworth’s Nuns Fret Not, Elizabeth Barrett’s Brownian’s When
Our Two Souls and Millay’s What Lips My Lips have kissed. In fact, the
basic theme of all these sonnets is love; however, I could view the
multi-dimensional aspect of loving someone truly by heart in these short compositions.
I may now conclude that it should not be a particular reason to love someone
physically or spiritually, all it needs to have one source of liking someone
which is more like passionate about someone regardless of the flaws in his or
her character.

The language is
beautiful and as one read her poem aloud, one finds themselves sitting up erect
and strong. This poem definitely helps with the posture and restful on the soul.
The poem does not drip from the page in a syrupy way. The poem is built on a
solid foundation conveying sincere feelings as In line six, it says, ‘Be here
contented? Think. In mounting higher,’ Barrett uses ‘think’ with the
exclamation point like a stop sign. Do not think with your head this is about
becoming still; listen to your heart first, now think with it. This is
Elizabeth’s message about mounting higher. In addition, In the last two lines, ‘A
place to stand and love in for a day, with darkness and the death-hour rounding
it’. Look at the use of ‘And’ it takes on more meaning in Barrett’s poem as it
divides but also connects writing these sentences. (Stand and Love) (Darkness
and the death) The ending of the poem, As Barrett’s words convey a time to
stand still the sentences also slow down giving time to reflect on the meaning
of the poetic language. I have placed the beats (foot) to appropriately match
the feeling of the end of the poem as it slows down as Barrett says, ‘A place
to stand”, the poem makes a stand for love.

Furthermore, looking
at line 4,5, and part of 6, ‘At either curving point, what bitter wrong. Can
the earth do to us, that we should not long be here contented?’ I feel the last
two lines of the poem fit well with lines 4-6 as line 13 and 14 answer
Elizabeth’s question. Anywhere on Earth she can find a place to love this man
even when darkness falls on earth and death is near one day for both they will
always have a place to stand with their hearts and souls.


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