The Bye I guess (mumbling under his

The street crossing between 14th street and 15th ave. Holden bumps into Eminem.Holden: (stuttering) Um.. I, I am sorry mister.

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Eminem: See normally I would beat you up but you seem like a nice guy so its ok…

.no problem.Eminem begins to leave. Holden stops him and asks.Holden: Umm wait a second…

um would you like to get a drink or something?Eminem: Ok that sounds good I haven’t had a drink in like 2 hours.Holden: Wow that sounds good ill meet you at the “Boob Room.” Its a bar on the corner of 12th street and 6th ave.Eminem: See you later “dawg” peace out home boy. ill get up with you later son. word to you moms.Holden: Bye I guess (mumbling under his breath) what in gods name was that.Holden then proceeds to walk to the hotel he was staying in.

When he arrive to the hotel he sees his old friend Lennie. He’s thinking to himself he hasn’t see this guy in like 5 years. The last time he seen him he was getting taken away in a cop car because he broke some woman’s neck. He decides to go over an say hi.Holden: Hey Lennie I haven’t seen out in a long time.Holden: Yup its me..

so how you doing?Lennie: I am doing good I just got out of jail.Holden: There is something different about you.Lennie: Yup I am no longer retarded.

I got beat so many times in jail the retarded ness must have got knocked out of me. Isn’t that something.Lennie: Sorry but I have to go maybe ill see you later.Holden: How bout you meet me and this guy I met today at the “Boob Room”?. Holden: About 8.

do you know where it is?Holden then goes up to his room and takes a little nap. He wakes up about 7 and starts to get ready. he takes a shower and shaves and gets dressed. He leaves about 7:45 and walks to the bar. As he arrives he sees his new found friend Eminem.Holden: (a little confused by Eminem slang) Um I am ok what about you?Eminem: Chillin Chillin son (pause) lets go.

They both go into the bar. They both head over the bartender and ask for their drinks.Holden: (to bartender) Um ill have a scotch and soda please.Bartender: Ok (to Eminem) and what can I get you sir?Eminem: Ill have a bottle of “Crystal”.While they were waiting for their drinks Holden turns around and sees Lennie. Holden waves to Lennie and tell him to come over. Holden introduces Lennie to Eminem.Holden: (introducing them to each other) Lennie this is Eminem.

Eminem this is Lennie.Eminem: What up son? and you guys can call me Marshall (to Lennie) so what you going to have to drink?Lennie: He simply replies the hardest stuff you got.After a few drinks they are all drunk.

Marshall begins to tell Lennie and Holden about his life. Eminem: I don’t feel good..

I feel like that time I smoked too much weed and passed out in Detroit. but its all good.(Lennie and Holden both ask) Are you ok?Eminem: Yea ill be fine. This happens to me often.Eminem: Yeah one time I got so drunk I got into a fight with my wife.

I got all mad a stormed out of the house. I didn’t come home for almost a day.Holden: Well one time a girl and her pimp beat me up.

Eminem both look at him and wonder y he said it so loud and y he was so proud. Finally Eminem asks how and why.Lennie: Its a long story so just to make it short I broke some woman’s neck. I was put in jail, I just recently maid bail. there it is nice and short.Lennie: (ashamed to say) Um I don’t remember. I Guess it happened in my home town.Lennie: I don’t know.

What about you where are you from?Eminem: Kansas City, Missouri. I moved back and forth from there to Detroit quite a bit. then when I was 12 I moved to Detroit permanently.

Holden is just sitting there watching them talk not saying a word. He starts to get a little aggravated but doesn’t say anything.Lennie: Yeah I moved around a lot too.Eminem: (to bartender) Another round for me and my boys.Holden: Ill be right back I don’t feel good I am going to the bathroom.Eminem and Lennie sit there and talk and wait for Holden to return.

After like 5 minutes Eminem decides to get up and stretch. While doing so he accidentally hits the guy sitting next to him.Lennie: (to Eminem) Just apologize. Eminem to drunk to know what’s going on gets up in this guys face and asks him if he wants to settle this outside.the guy and Eminem start to walk outside when Eminem see the guys 2 friend following him Eminem turns to Lennie. Eminem: (to the three guys) What the hell is your problem?Eminem gets so mad he just lunges forward and punches the guy in him face.

After the first blow the guys two friends jump in and start to help . Lennie quickly grabs both the guys and throws the against the wall. They both hit the floor. Lennie thinking they are both out cold turns to help Eminem. but to his surprise he see Eminem beating the living hell out of this guy. Then out of no where Lennie hears something, he turns around and sees one of the guys lunging toward him. Lennie grabs his neck and snaps it like a tooth pick.

Eminem watching this asks Lennie.Eminem: Oops, oops is that all you can say.Then with out warning two cops come up behind the two men and toss them into a wall. and tell them to spread um.

Lennie and Eminem are claming they didn’t do anything wrong. The cops don’t listen and proceed to throw them into the cop car. The cop car pulls away. Holden comes out of the bathroom wondering where his to friends went. He looks around and doesn’t see them so decides to leave.The next day Holden reads the paper.

As he opens the paper he sees on the front cover his two friends. The headline reads “ two men are accused of manslaughter and murder in the first” Holden thinks to himself thank god i was sick.Bibliography:

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