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PLASTIC CONSUMPTIONSara AlHajri201801072Qatar UniversityEnglish 202, 129October 13, 2018Dr Mondher ChaabaneBanning Plastic ConsumptionHave you ever considered the beneficial outcomes of banning plastic consumption? Our planet extremely needs our assistance to save it from plastic products such as straws and utensils that are causing big danger on our earth therefore, banning these products could rescue our place from its destructive consequences. Banning plastic consumption could affect us positively by saving our planet from climate change, decreasing earth pollution and spreading awareness to the society.Firstly, Banning plastic utensils and straws rescue earth from global warming. Plastic products are usually made of polyethylene, that is a product of natural gas and petroleum.

As plastic straws and utensils decompose into small pieces, greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere, adding other number to the long list of anthropogenic global warming sources. As a result, it causes climate change and harms human health.Secondly, forbidding plastic consumption decreases plastic waste. Plastic products are mostly lightweight and as example, they can travel very far distances by either wind or water. Wind blows these plastic products and trashes a whole place. These litter get caught up in between plants, fences and floats in water area thus going to the world’s sea. For an instance, China banned plastic utensils on customers and companies before 5 years, as consequence China now has fewer landfills, less litter and the streets are much cleaner.

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To reduce trash on roads banning plastic consumption could be beneficial to get rid of that issue.Finally, stopping produce plastic utensils and straws is a good method to spread awareness to society. When plastic products are made illegal, the environment would be safer and at the same time sending messages internationally about the importance of environment protection.

Moreover, people learn that banning plastic is for a reason and they can infer such important information. Furthermore, society can subsequently begin to understand that plastic causes negative impacts on their health and earth, also, people will be encouraged to start doing the ways of protecting their lives. To spread awareness to society organizing a service project would a great idea.In conclusion, our living place can be rescued unless if global warming is stopped, plastic pollution is being reduced and humans are well informed of the unfriendly effects that a plastic could occur.

Moreover, to protect our planet and our heath it is important to do the reasons to protect them at least trying to. Governments should take this global problem into consideration. It is recommended to look for some ecofriendly alternatives to plastic straws. For an example, Bamboo straw are made from real whole bamboo stalks nothing re-compressed or processed, also, Bamboo straws are light weighted, reusable and do not have any chemicals that could affect human health.Word Count 452


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