Plasma machine consists of two parts of

Plasma cutting is a cutting process that is carried out to cut the electrically conductive material. This action is usually executed at very high temperatures involving the melting of metal at the boundary of cutting. The material that are commonly used by plasma cutting machines are such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other conducting material.

A CNC plasma cutting is a machine that executes the plasma cutting, controlled by a computer. The term ‘CNC’ stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’ which means that this machine’s operation and movement is directed by computer based on numerical codes of programming saved into the computer system. This machine consists of two parts of the system to operate optimally. The system includes a programming and a drives system. The CNC machine needs programming codes which is the CAD file (CATIA V5) that contains the design of desired product. The design provides the details to the machine and helps it to organize the cutting process by determining the coordinates of cutting to be carried out.

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CNC plasma machine also contains a drive system where it is responsible to control the mobility and motion of cutting mechanism. The operation of the machine starts with the CNC machine reading and analysing the design from CAD file whether it can be executed or not. This is where the axis of coordinate was set up for the cutting operation. The computer then produces signals to the machine’s drive system to operate. The drive system controls motion of plasma torch based on analysed design at wanted direction and acceleration that we require.

This machine has system that controls the input and output commands to make sure it can be operated well to cut the material. ? The plasma cutting process goes by forming an electrical channel of high temperature and ionised plasma. Compressed gas at high pressure blows into a torch at high velocity towards the material to be cut. The electrical arc ionized the gas and creates an electrically conductive channel of plasma which produces the electrical torch. The torch of plasma has very high temperature and enough heat energy to melt the contacting part of material. The melting causes the torch to cut through thickness of metal and the hot melted metal is removed by compressed gas. This is how the CNC torch is able to separate the cutting boundaries of the material.

A CNC plasma cutting machine is used widely in industries which has involvement in metal cutting. The usage of this machine depends on the manufacturing environment where it can be means for a few purposes. Usually this machine is involved in department of fabrication, welding, manufacturing and also others.


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