Planning development is an important tool available

Planning tools -consist of local and regional government planning. 1)     Objectives& Policies – Setting objectives and policies to manage development is animportant tool available to governments. Objectives and policies should beincluded in many governmental planning documents, such as growth managementstrategies, community plans and comprehensive plans.2)     CoastalHazard Mapping – It is a key tool to identify areas that are susceptible to hazardsand the effects of sea level rise on the coast. 3)     RiskManagement – is considered a process used to identify and manage the impacts ofa change in conditions. It can have aspects that may affect many factors, aspeople, the environment and the economy, providing a way to explore publicattitudes and perceptions of risk. 4)     EmergencyPlanning and Preparedness – are the measures made prior of a disaster.

Regulatory tools -include the regulation of subdivision, land use and buildings. 5)     Regulationsof Land Use – Land use can be regulated through the establishment ofappropriate zoning and also through strategic plans, neighborhood plans, growthmanagement plans, character guidelines, setback regulations and capital worksplans. 6)     SubdivisionRegulation – A subdivision regulation can be used to protect development inareas of land at risk from hazards.7)     DevelopmentPermit – it is a form of regulation distinctive to British Columbia. It combinespolicy objectives and guidelines with site specific regulation, protecting the developmentfrom hazard conditions and protecting the natural environment.

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8)     BuildingRegulation – Regulates safety of land subject to coastal hazards, and influencethe way buildings are situated and constructed.Land use change orrestriction tools – consist on land use change or the restriction of land useother than through the regulatory functions noted above. 


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