Planned and fighting against certain laws and

Planned Parenthood serves numerous of cities in the United States of America and allows the residents, males and females, to have an opportunity to either maintain or improve their health. The organization assists their patients by making progress with their rights and ability to have control of his/her fertility without being bias of providing them services due to their income, race, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation.

Their services help a lot of different type of cervical and other type of cancer patients and provide them with screenings. However, for many years Planned Parenthood has been protesting and fighting against certain laws and those activist who oppose the services that Planned Parenthood has to provide. Those who oppose for the organization of Planned Parenthood are the ones that can potentially bring unfortunate news for low-income patients. Most low-income patients rely on the services that are offered by Planned Parenthood, some of those services being referrals for abortions, counseling, maternal care, HIV/AIDS prevention and obtaining medical resources when needed. Nevertheless, those who are on the opposition think that the government should no longer fund Planned Parenthood because the money that is being utilized to fund Planned Parenthood is coming out of pocket from mostly certain taxpayers and they believe their money is not being put to good use if it is utilized for funding organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Others whom also oppose the organization are likely to be pro life and a big chance that they are in disagreement with the service of abortion Planned Parenthood provides for women.

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