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Pierre Trudeau and The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Pierre Elliott Trudeau has achieved huge accomplishments in the past, especially establishing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as the Prime Minister. Trudeau has been the Prime Minister for almost 16 years, this goes to show how amazing he was at his job. When Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister, he liberalized the laws on criminal codes and homosexuality which had more influence on society. He also was heavily involved in international affairs, participating in the North-South dialogue, a personal peace initiative, and reducing tension in the cold war and nuclear weapons, earning him the Albert Einstein peace prize. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms establishment is one of Trudeau’s biggest which grants Canadian citizens power of human rights and their freedom. Because of Pierre Trudeau making and revising the laws, being proactively combating international issues, and creating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that Canada is in the current state that it is.
The laws that Pierre Trudeau have made and adjusted, have drastically changed society in Canada. Laws regarding homosexuality and criminal codes were amended. Criminal penalties were lessened regarding the law of homosexuality specifically for adults at least 21 years of age. This has increasingly changed the perspective of homosexuality due to several gay liberation campaigns and many people have come to Canada because of this renewed law. Criminal codes were decriminalized as the previous law was a failure in terms of the consequences given. The law was amended to further improve the laws of abortion, as women were having illegal abortions in back alleys, and hundreds of women have died. In some cases, abortion was necessary to save the mother’s life as it could lead to severe diseases but it was not allowed. Since then, a revamped criminal code currently permits legal abortion. Through Trudeau’s adequate changes in areas of some laws during his office period, many more homosexual people gradually began to feel accepted in society and prevented more deaths from women’s unsafe abortions.
Pierre Trudeau has given a lot of contributions to resolving universal conflicts or issues which all lead to him being bestowed the Albert Einstein Peace Prize. He held a North-South Dialogue to discuss economic problems in the world, had a negotiation with the leaders of the Eastern and Western Blocs into reducing the tension in the cold war as well. Pierre Trudeau first advocated a North-South Dialogue, an international assembly between different nations and countries. The North-South Dialogue was held to discuss the world’s economic problems and cooperate with one another to fix it. They addressed issues related to trade and tariffs, international finances, foreign aid, and the governance of multinational companies and institutions. The Cold War was a conflict of tension between the Western Bloc, NATO along with their allied countries, and the Eastern Bloc comprised of the Soviets and other countries. Alexander Yakovlev, the Soviet leader’s ambassador of Moscow visited Trudeau and developed a relationship which was huge in reducing tensions in the cold war. The United States presidential rhetoric showed some indication of having calmed down. Trudeau managed to do things peacefully in order to ease tensions between the Eastern and Western Bloc and help recognize the issues during the North-South meeting. Trudeau accomplishing international feats with the mindset of achieving peace with peace earned him the Albert Einstein Peace Prize.
Pierre Trudeau big and everlasting achievement was that he brought back the Constitution of Rights to Canada called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is what gives civilians human rights in Canada. The Charter is important as it contains laws that treat everyone equally, protects your rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion and other rights. It’s also important since it is how the country operates on. The Charter has impacted many in the criminal department. The victim accused of a crime would be not be judged guilty without solid evidence. This also greatly changed laws in discrimination being brought against gays, lesbians, and different ethnic groups in Canadian society. The Charter also gives linguistic rights to Francophones outside of Quebec and strengthened aboriginal rights. It allowed the French access to schools, school boards, and hospitals. Several benefits were given to aboriginal people such as land, and keep their indigenous rights and don’t need to pay taxes. Through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, discrimination is eliminated and rights are given to Canadians and French people outside of Quebec as well as aboriginal people. Canada is multicultural and is the world’s number one free country in the world today because of Trudeau’s revision of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.
Due to Pierre Trudeau revamping the laws, getting more involved in international problems, and enforcing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada has changed for the better. Trudeau amendment in these laws regarding criminal codes, homosexuality, and abortion are more lenient in terms of charges. Changes to these laws have brought an awareness of campaigns which changed perspectives towards gays and lesbians. Women are now able to have an abortion legally to prevent anymore deaths from manual extraction of fetuses. Foreign involvement between different countries in the world coming to a consensus have allowed a North-South Dialogue meeting to be held, and Pierre Trudeau being able to lessen tensions between the Eastern and Western Blocs in the Cold War. The North-South Dialogue was an important meeting for newly independent, and under developing countries and nations to grasp the different cases involving the economic system and situate themselves for it. Pierre Trudeau helped in the Cold War as a peacekeeper mediating both Bloc leaders. He befriended the Soviet leader’s ambassador in Moscow, is an important asset to reducing tensions with the Western Bloc. The war ended after the Soviet leader changed his mind about going to war with NATO.
Trudeau’s establishment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms changed many Canadians allowing them to live leisurely with plenty of rights handed to them. Canadians were granted protected rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, democratic rights, and such. Aboriginal people were compensated for in the past when they were treated horribly; they acquired lands, keep their indigenous rights, culture and religion and are exempt from paying taxes. French citizens outside of Quebec were benefited with access to schools and hospitals. Although Pierre Trudeau has been in office for a limited time, he made decisions that were long-term, and improved Canada exceedingly well, thus his many milestones.


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