Pic which brings you peace and harmony, it

Pic #1It illustrates the knowledge of holistic sustainability development and enabling environment of human logistics. It describes when people have skilled, it can be proved and stable itself on everywhere as imam visions towards his jamat, This pic tells us he is not able to read and write but he enables his progress through skills, it prevails the environment through his work and he justifies through his remedial actions, which gives him the justification of his loyalty and upgrades of his self-esteem. Pic # 2It illustrates the eco friendly environment. An environment which brings you peace and harmony, it can assure you when the people are in extremely poor, in frustration, in fear of isolation, in economic destabilisation and as in thrust outside the context of national mainstream. It gives you support, social services, bringing communities together and focusing of hope in the future rather than looking backwards in despair.

 Pic# 3 It illustrates the architectural paradigm, a religious structure, as when i talk about mowla visions i should be preferable to say that architecture rather it can tell Us about the notion of the faith and our diversification models, it can also shown or describe our history and our visions of Islam, not only today’s cultural environment but it can be made our identification in future. it is an exemplary of true islamic way of living, and i can define like that it gives us an occasioned a profound paradigm shift. It provides us ontological awakening, it up grades our self image with a sense of responsibility and overview effect, It is a boundary shattering where we shake off our petty differences, It is Teeming with differences in which we dwell. It is being the seeds at the heart of thriving societies, accelerating the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. It shares the same goals for safety, comfort and prosperity. It gives you birthing a new kind of global citizen.

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It extends our line of site and so perhaps it is extending by our gaze. It can bridge divisions and bring world together ushering in a form of radical empathy, to see the other as ourselves, where boundaries are dissolved and compassion reigns supreme, massive transformation of consciousness, and a software upgrade for mankind.


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