Pi to William Jones. Jones was a mathematics

Pi is the Greek letter for P, “Pi is the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle.” (scientificamerican.com) No matter the size of the circle the ratio will result in Pi everytime. Pi has a value of exactly 3.14, it is an irrational number, which means it never ends. Pi was the first to introduce this idea of infinite numbers, which was revealed to William Jones. Pi’s exact date of birth is unknown but it was estimated to have been discovered between 287 to 212 BC. It was predominantly used by Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians as well as many others early throughout history. Pi owes a majority of its popularity to William Jones. Jones was a mathematics teacher who created a symbol to show Pi, it represents a theory of numbers that, “can be approached, but never reached.” (Patricia Rothman) Jones came up with this symbol in 1706. This term was known as: quantitas in Quan cum multifliceture diameter, provenient circumferencia to Latins. This symbol began to gain popularity because of Leonhard Euler, a Swiss-born mathematician. Before this symbol was shown , Pi was shown as 22/7 and 335/113. Jones was the first to understand that pi was irrational, it was an infinite number. Pi was used to show the identify a certain set of never ending numbers. Pi was a officially  proven to be irrational in 1761 by Johann Lambert. Ferdinand lindemann  discovered that pi was “an algebraic irrational number” in 1882. (patricia rothman) Pi is notably used for problems concerning circles. Pi isn’t only used for the circumference and diameter. It applies the diameter and radius to the area of a circle with the formula: the area is equivalent to Pi multiplied to the radius squared.  “French mathematician named georges buffon devised a way to calculate pi.” (justin brown) Pi also plays a important role in other forms of math, “Pi is the sum of the infinite series.” (Scientific American)  Pi has been imperative to the world for over four thousand years. It has been proven that by two thousand B.C. pi was known to the Egyptians and Babylonians, this just shows pi’s long existence throughout history. The Egyptians and Babylonians made educated guesses on Pi’s value and later on in history Archimedes of Syracuse, a greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer made corrections to their data. Five hundred digits of pi were discovered during the twentieth century and now with advancements in technology the first six billion numbers of pi were discovered.   With the discovery of PI, the world has been positively impacted, it showed the world that a set of numbers can be infinite, it is present in all of mathematics and physics. We have learned so much about Pi due to many people, such as Archimedes, Jones, euler, lambert, and countless others. It is a concept that has been ever present in history and their is more about it to uncover, .the legend of pi is a fascinating story and is as infinite as pi itself.


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