Physical cigarette burns on children. Physical abuse usually

Physical abuse: arises when a person is harmed as a result of violence being inflicted, this can be a straightforward assault e.

g. a direct attack or it may be inflicted more subtly e.g. cigarette burns on children. Physical abuse usually leads to an injury of a non-accidental nature.

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Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse is defined is the Emotional/psychological abuse: can be defined as situations where there is severe or persistent treatment of a person in such a way as to cause emotional trauma or, in the case of a child to have an adverse effect on his or her emotional development e.g. severe and persistent name calling or insults, withholding affection, ignoring, shouting, swearing, bullying, humiliating or teasing.Financial abuse: occurs when one or others financially exploit another person e.g.

a relative, or care worker of a confused elderly person, they may use the opportunity to divert funds into his or her own possession; or where they are not allowed or encouraged to have appropriate control over their own finances.Institutional abuse: examples of this are things like opening a service users mail, not providing privacy, not providing choice, limiting access to friends, independent visors etc. In short a home that controls the life-styles of the clients in a way, which fits with, the institutions needs rather than those of the individual client.Self neglect: can be defined in situations where a person does not wash, take pride in their appearance, doesn’t seek medical help or withdraws from social contact.Neglect by others: can be defined as a situation where a person’s basic needs are not being met by those responsible for their care e.

g. not receiving basic physical care including amount and correct type of food, not being supported in personal hygiene, not being offered , appropriate cultural/religious support, not being offered appropriate health care.


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