This photo caught my attention because it highlights
the standard of living in this under-privileged community. It illustrates the
pollution and it is found in areas where there is a lack of education which
doesn’t teach communities the impact of global warming and littering. This
illustrates how many people are still living in dire conditions with pollution
and poverty. I felt disappointed about the pollution, but mainly, the lack of
awareness and education that could solve this problem. It is a significant
photo in my opinion because it outlines how many South African’s live today – which
is a shocking reality.










Vrygrond is a suburb close to Cape Town which is why
this has grabbed my attention. Cape Town is associated with the idea of
economic prosperity, although this photo resembles something completely
different. This photo exemplifies South Africa because it shows the enormous
economic disparity that is evident and it is an exemplar of how many
communities actually live. This had a personal impact on me because it is
upsetting to see fellow citizens live in places with substandard
infrastructure. It is an important photo because it proves that this country
still has a long way to go in terms of improving the life of others.









This photograph caught my attention as it is a
community centre that aims to help the future generation. It is an example that
needs to be followed – that of aiding the community through projects that educates
and supports children. Seeing these children learning brought me a sense of
relief because it highlights the positive part of their struggle in Vrygrond because
it proves that there is help in desperate places. It’s a significant photo
because it shows that children aren’t despondent about their poor situation,
but are looking forward to help themselves and in turn their families.








This man caught my
attention because of how creative, unique and innovative he is. It exemplifies
our country because it resembles something different and diverse which is
exactly what South Africa is –the culturally diverse country we live in. Seeing
this photo brought me a sense of enlightenment, because even a man living in
this creation that he has made himself, can live a happy and cheerful life,
despite not having a stable household. It is a significant photo to me because
it proves that money is not all someone needs because this man is still happy
although living in this structure.




This is a brilliant example of improving the future of
South Africa which is exactly why this photo grabbed my attention. It resembles
the need for education at day care centres and schools so that these children
do not repeat the cycle of poverty. I felt relieved when I saw this personally,
because these children show hope and tenacity in order to prevent themselves
from living in the same conditions when they are older. It is significant as
there are many children living in under-privileged conditions who seek for help
and relief which is an important aspect in improving their standard of living.





This particular scene caught my attention because this
is a photo of children receiving their only meal for the day at day care – some
of whom will only eat the next day at day care lunch. It exemplifies South
Africa in various ways because it represents the lack of basic needs which
result in other socio-economic issues such as malnutrition. Seeing this
particular scene made me feel disheartened as it shocks me how children survive
while hardly eating. It is significant because it highlights the issues that
many South African’s and their children face due to poverty.




I believe that education is key when trying to combat
poverty. Education allows people to think for themselves but also provides a
solid platform in order to improve and broaden their ambit of knowledge and
ultimately improve their employability. Without education there becomes a
massive lack of awareness. This promotion of education can be done through
posters around communities and settlements which highlight the benefits of
education – the posters should be easily accessible and visible. The educational
programs provided should be fun, creative and unique to keep the children
stimulated the entire time but also to ensure that the children continue coming
to school to create a substantial foundation for further education. The
Vrygrond Community Development Centre has constant supporters that will be
willing to sponsor books, pens and crayons. Vrygrond Community Development
Trust already has implementations in place for a ‘day school’ which is an
amazing facility that aims to provide children and young adults with education
and training but also to provide relief through getting help.

 It is important
to also make provisions for the poor and elderly of our country. Safe, reliable
and reputable shelters should be available to the public. I also believe that
there should be frequent soup Friday’s where anyone is allowed to get rations
of soup and bread loafs from these shelters as this is a major expense in
poverty-stricken families. Fellow South African’s and South African businesses
should be encouraged to support shelters financially just to ensure that there
is enough resources to feed the poorer class.

I believe that the municipality and government has a
massive role on the quality of life. The government is and should be able to
provide free education for citizens who cannot afford to send their own
children to school. This is integral for the future of South Africa – as it
uplifts the country socially and economically. By making provisions for
education in the national budget the government is combatting poverty as it
slowly ends the perpetual nature of penury. Citizens are able to be trained,
educated and can become learned and qualified people that further contribute to
the economy. It is important that the populace of this society brings these
issues forward to the municipality so that they are aware of the problems at
hand, which in turn means that the municipality can fix them effectively. The
government needs to co-ordinate stricter legislation on the minimum wages and
should increase them from R3900 monthly to something much more substantial.
When these laws are stipulated and meticulously followed, I believe that
poverty can be partially rectified.


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