PHOSPHOROUS POCI3 is decay into straightforward phosphorus compounds

PHOSPHOROUSDIFFUSION: Phosphorusdiffusion is presently the first technique for electrode fabrication insemiconducting material (si) electric cell process. The diffusion depends onnumerous factors of that temperature and gaseous environment is mostsignificant .

P-type semiconducting material wafers are wide utilized in starindustries and thus diffusion technologies are developed to deposit n-typedoping parts to make the contact. As a result of its low boiling temperature (105.8 ?C), attemperature between 850-900 *c within the diffusion chamber, POCI3 is decayinto straightforward phosphorus compounds like P4, P8, P2O5, etc. Thephosphorus diffusion fabrication of crystalline semiconducting materialelectric cell with electrode diffusion, surface passivation and screen printingof conductor ends up in formation of n+ kind electrode at the highest surfaceof the wafer. Phosphorus oxychloride (POCI3) could be a liquid supply thatvaporizes at temperature itself thus it ought to be unbroken in cool place.

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Forthe diffusion method, the vapors are administrated by the N2 gas and O2 ispassed through another valve. The reaction takes place, the phosphorousoxychloride reacts with O2 forms P2O5 and so the P2O5 reacts with thesemiconducting material to allow the silicon oxide and therefore thephosphorus. Pre-deposition involves the formation of phosphorus oxide films onthe semiconducting material substrate .throughout installation, phosphorusoxide film acts as an infinite supply for phosphorus diffusion into the sisubstrate. Throughout pre deposition, Phosphorus oxide (P2O5) forms on thesurface of the wafers by the reaction of phosphorus with O2.

The P2O5immediately reacts with the semiconducting material by leading to diffusion ofphosphorus and formation of the phosphor silicate glass (PSG).  ThePhosphorus atoms placed at the PSG-SI interface penetrate through the SI wafer. 


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