Philip had an advantage in this battle

Philip II’s resentment for England started brewing when he asked Elizabeth to marry him. The primary purpose of him courting Elizabeth was to create a strong alliance between the Spaniards and the English. Elizabeth did not respond to his proposal immediately as she was keeping her options open by considering other suitors. After awhile, Philip II gave up his pursuit. At this point, he was angry but he was not going to attack the English just yet. However, things started to escalate when Elizabeth’s troops ambushed and commenced raids on the Spanish ships returning from the New World. In addition to that, Elizabeth was fully supportive of the Dutch rebels. This was the last straw for Philip II as he sent an armada to conquer England. Consequently, this resulted in a great naval battle. The English had an advantage in this battle as they had smaller and quicker ships. Thus, they successful mauled the heavier and bulkier Spanish ships. It also seemed that mother nature was on the English’s side as they were strong winds and violent storms during the battle that threw the Spanish off-course, later known as the Protestant Winds. As such, the Spanish troops had no choice but to retreat. The victory over Spain gave England a significant confidence boost but it did not cripple Spain’s power.


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