Pharmacist demand, and the demand is expected to

 Pharmacist is a healthcare professional who isexpert on pharmaceutical drugs and how they act to fight diseases and improvethe health of the patient. Pharmacist can work in the hospital, clinics, andother healthcare settings.             Pre-pharmacy courses offered two orfour-years degree. Undergraduate degree covered general education and liberalarts classes. To meet requirements for advanced study, you must take courses ingeneral and organic chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, molecular andcellular biology.

After you finishes pre-pharmacy you have to apply forfour-year pharmacy doctoral program. It requires students to pass the PharmacyCollege Admissions Test before being admitted to a graduate program. Pharmacistserves patients by preparing medications and giving pharmacological information.They prepare medication by reviewing and interpreting what the physician’sorder. They developed staff’s pharmacological knowledge by participating inclinical programs, training pharmacy staff, students and interns. Pharmacistreward job is they help a patient to feel better and get well.

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             Advantages of being a pharmacist you’llearn a lot of money “According to, the salary for pharmacist isbetween $83,000 to $137,000 a year.” There will be great job security becausepharmacist is in demand, and the demand is expected to increase. It is not asstressful as other medical profession. It can be stressful but it usually lessstressful than a surgeon or obstetrician. Pharmacist work in a safeenvironment. They usually work behind the glass and don’t have risk of gettingdiseases that nurses and doctors have.

There’s also disadvantages of beingpharmacist. To be a pharmacist it requires a lot of education. After,completing Bachelor’s degree you will need to attend four years of pharmacyschool. Then, you might have to work during weekend or nights, but there aremany pharmacies that only requires day shift. It requires standing on your feetoften. Occasionally not all the time pharmacist will have to interact withangry and rude customers.         Being a Pharmacist takes a lot of dedicationand education.

The long work hours alone are enough to deter even some of themost dedicated employees. With those long hours though, come a great reward ofhelping others. The time that is needed to obtain a pharmacy degree is probablymore than most people want to spend in schooling without making a living.Regardless of that, pharmacy is a field that I would like to pursue.

It hasbeen a lifelong dream of mine and my parents to see me in the pharmacy field.             Pharmacisthave a very important role in healthcare. Pharmacist reviews patient history,health conditions, and interactions with the medication prescribe. Pharmacistexpand everyone’s pharmacological knowledge. For those reason I think pharmacyis the right field for me.



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