Pharmaceuticals Few examples of the development is that

Pharmaceuticals exist for almost any issue a person can face; from pills to assist with weight loss to drugs that are essential to a person’s survival such as antiretroviral therapy which is used in the treatment of HIV. These drugs are thus very necessary for a person’s quality of life. Thus the reason pharmaceuticals have become such a booming industry during the 20th century.

The pharmaceutical industry has been in my surroundings at a very young age.  A pharmacist  are healthcare professionals that work in pharmacy. Pharmacists are experts on medications, and also they have knowledge on how each patient can fight diseases while improving their health. Pharmacists are responsible for the implementation of drug therapy with the intentions of improving the quality of patient life. Pharmacists have a huge role to play in their particular type of industry. They are similar to doctors, saving each of their patients lives giving them the proper advice on medications versus being a doctor and having to examine and complete a surgery.

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This paper will show the audience the history of pharmacy, education and requirements to become a pharmacist.Pharmacy have been around for more than 1,000 years religion and magic controlled the medience aspect in people’s lives.  It was believed that aspects of diseases were not able to be controlled, observed, or explained . The oldest known practice of pharmacy was in ancient India and China.

Their belief was based on the disease was caused by the spirits of the demons in the  body. As pharmacy started to expand more information were passed down.  In the 19th century pharmacy had made a enormous  development in the United States. Few examples of the development is that pharmacy organizations began to arise, pharmacopoeia, teaching of modern education and training, and setting standards for the purity and identity of a drug.

Some pharmacy organization that were created are American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), National Community Pharmacist Association ( NCPA), American Pharmacist Association (APhA) which is the oldest and largest pharmacy union nationwide. America´s most popular and flavored soft drink , Coca-Cola, was invented by a pharmacist , John Pemberton. Selling in the pharmacy as a fountain beverage with just mixing the Coca- Cola syrup with carbonated water.  In 1880´s was sold for a few dimes turned into a $4.32 billion dollar company. Becoming a pharmacist require time, dedication, and several years of education in order to pursue the career.

In order to pursue a career in pharmacy you will have to have good communication skills, a desire to help others, conscientiousness, and imperturbable. There are two entry levels to becoming a pharmacist. Enroll in a Pharm D. program which is a six year program that makes students more knowledgeable on medications and patient care. The Pharm D. program  were more made for more hands on with laboratory work and research on medication. By the time a person graduate they will gain the skills, knowledge, expertise of being efficient: communicator, manager, scholar, etc.

In order to get in the Pharm D. program you will have to pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)  in order for the program to identify qualified applicants for pharmacy college. Pharmacy colleges requires 2 years of undergraduate program. These classes should include mathematics and natural science. Then enter the Pharmacy School to accomplish the Pharm D degree.  After that you will have to be  a resident in the state you want to practice pharmacy in order to get a pharmacy license.

 Local colleges that have good pharmacy programs are Texas State University, University of Houston, Texas A Health Science, University of North Texas , and ranking number one in top pharmacy school in Texas is University of Texas at Austin. While in college there are several jobs that a person can take for there first step for their pharmacy career. While in pharmacy school being an intern is  great start.  The intern’s job is to learn and practice the basic customer service skills that are part of a pharmacist duties. They verifies prescriptions and record the prescriptions that they fill.  Sometimes even compound medications under pharmacist supervision and instructions.  Another job is being a pharmacist technician they work with the pharmacist to help prepare  and give out medications.

They take prescriptions over the phone and in person, mix medications, label and give medications, etc. Basically a pharmacist technician is the assistant to the pharmacist. A common job that are related is just work in retail, where you will get experience on customer service.  In healthcare period treating a patient as if you was one is very important. Becoming a pharmacist is a quite difficult , the the work after becoming a pharmacist is as difficult as becoming one.

Pharmacist  have many responsibilities and roles in a pharmacy.  They will  need to manage the medication for a patient’s, analyze the process to see if any problems are going on, so they will be able to adjust the medication. Pharmacist are also responsible for dispensing the accurate amount of cream, pills, insulin, and capsules for particular patients. According to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 pharmacist have to provided information about the medication and how to use them.  They are responsible for the pharmacy tech so they do the one to one check where two pharm tech check their work, then go to the pharmacist. Finally, Pharmacist are responsible for making sure they obey by all the healthcare laws and maintaining patients profiles. Pharmacist typical work community stores :Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Krogers, and H-E-B.

Pharmacist make about $58.77 dollars  hourly and approximately $122,230 dollars annually. The working conditions in a pharmacy is favored for being clean, well lit, ventilated area are customary facilities.  Pharmacist are offered to have 401(k), where they take out money and put it in a  savings account. Before taking years of school and research of becoming a pharmacist, the outlook of a job is as important. Overall, pharmacist help patients with their understanding of medication , and have a key role in patients getting well. Although pharmacy seem like a good job it do have negative perks, for example pharmacist have to stand long hours, hours are unreliable you will might even have to work holidays or weekends,  and the job of a pharmacist is mentally exhausting. Pharmacist are required to learn about thousands of drugs, along what they’re used for, side effects, and how to use them.

The job outlook of a pharmacist is hopeful. By 2020 the job outlook for pharmacist will increase by 16% due to the baby boomers becoming older and falling sick. Currently there are more job positions offered than  degrees granted.

 Pharmacist improve health outcome, since pharmacies are in the community it make it easier for the patient get to their medication. Pharmacy is a good career if you want to work in the medical field, without seeing any blood and fluids. Pharmacist play a very important roles in the everyday lives of many people. The influences in my life is what influenced me to become a pharmacists. Being able to help patients without seeing their agony and pain, learning about new drugs, and being able to make enough money to provide for my family.


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