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Personally, I feel like I am in a sense of limbo if I am not working towards a goal! Whether that is fitness, work, blogging or parenting, I tend to stay motivated and succeed if I am working towards something to keep me on track. I lost 5 stone on my weight loss journey and I did that in stages. Although I had an end goal in mind (9 stone) that feels like a long way off when you are at 14 stone and can’t see the end of the tunnel and so smaller targets help to keep you motivated and on several occasions stopped me from giving up. I want to talk about the importance of goal setting as well as what I am looking towards now because everyone assumes that now I am at my target weight I have nothing to work towards which simply isn’t true.The Benefits of Goal SettingIn case you’re still not convinced and don’t want to take my word for it,  here are some of the benefits that I have gained from setting goals!Motivation – When you have mapped out something that you want and know exactly how to get it, it gives you motivation because there is an end in sight. You know you have to achieve certain steps or things and then you will reach the thing you really want. If you don’t set goals, you still know what you want but not how to get there which can be demoralizing and doesn’t make it feel real in your mind!Focus – Defining clear goals can help keep you on track, avoids going off on a tangent and keeps things clear in your mind. Staying focused is key to achieving what you want and this is easier when you have clear targets in front of you.Purpose – Without something to achieve or do, we tend to get stuck in limbo and go through life on “autopilot” which can lead to depression and stop you from appreciating things. Channeling your energy into something and improving your own life can give you a sense of empowerment and the confidence to make the changes that you want and creates a sense of purpose.Faster – Because you are focused and motivated, it means that you tend to achieve your goals faster because you know exactly what you want and you have got the fastest path to get there.Appreciation – You know how hard you have worked to get to this point, which means you appreciate how things feel when you achieve them, or even what it feels like to fail. This makes you more empathetic to others and can make you appreciate what you have and its true worth.Overall, setting goals gives you a greater sense of achievement all round and that is something that can add light structure to your life too. If you have ever felt like you really wanted something but you aren’t sure how to get there, setting a goal can help you on your first step. Now, it’s all good and well talking about goals and how great they are but how do you set them properly? and what makes a good goal? Because not all goals are created equal!


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