Personality read it. As we are seen,

PersonalityWhen we heard this word, we can be imagined the heavy meaning to this word, but it’s not a cause to fear for this word (Personality).So when we moving on to the personality, according to the my experience, Some colleagues in NSBM Green University and my working place colleague has told me;”My friend, you don’t have a Personality”. At that time they were said about me by looking my body size.

Because, I am a little person.Actually according to the knowledge of counseling personality is a ways the we dealing with others in the society. So when we talking about personality, it’s a gathering of the shy, aggressive, humble, lazy, ambitious, loyal, dreadful and sometimes lovely.In everyday life, personality is used freely by people with different terms. Some people are mentioned the physical appearance, such as height, weight, color, body shape, dress, and voice. Others have intellectual qualities, such as intellectual power, activity, speech, thinking, and logic. Social characteristics, generosity, kindness, gentleness are also directed to the social characteristics.

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Based on these characteristics, they are judged as individuals who are powerful or weak, as good and bad people.In this way, we will be personally judged individuals we know about. The main part of our coming to understand what our feelings are is. We are also published not only our feelings about the personality we do not know, but also to read it.

As we are seen, this day-to-day use of this term is given meaningful psychologists to the personality. According to my counseling knowledge, Psychologists seem to be using the term personality for a long time. The person’s true or inner qualities are distinct from those that are obvious to them. Therefore, the definition and comprehension of the person is not very easy. Definition of personality is very difficult. Different psychologists have defined their own way of thinking.

Personality is regarded as a relatively stable behavior of a person. It is based on the basis of the social context. The basic design of personality is an auto calculation based on the estimates of a person based on estimates by others. It is based on an individual’s own assessment of his own assessment. The balance of personality is a coincidence in these two estimates. In my mind, the success of this equilibrium, with any person experienced or not, is an issue for me. So work together, perfect it. I will show the features of my personality by making substantial comments about the following: 2) has been able to handle responsibility and solve problems.

3) It has regulated personal behavior and has power; 4) It can change over time.However, today’s theories are largely different, and, in particular, the question is whether there is an unstable substance for the personality or conversely, the change in personality. At the same time, the perspectives of the personality include complex nature, character, abilities and motivation.The mental dynamics of a person is reflected in the appearance of a person’s mental faculties, neglecting the goals and the causes, and changing life’s lifespan. Character is the basis of character development. The personality can be connected in one way at four different types of temperatures: painful, fluctuating, serious and collared.

Capabilities are personal characteristics of privacy, as a duplicate result for some kind of performance. For example, there may be creative, psychological, mathematical, structural, technical, musical, literary, artistic, graphic, physical or extracurricular skills. Therapy is a dynamic process in physiological and psychological form. Manage personality behavior; is determined its direction, organization, performance and stability.Most of the definitions of personality have tried to Consider the totality of the person, that means, all the abilities, tendencies and other characteristics, both inherent as well as acquired, which are more or less consistent, and distinguishable from the people are included in the personality.


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