Personality successful people like media mogul Oprah

Personality Attributes of Successful Career in Comtempory WorldPersonality attributes is defined as the individual difference in various aspects of a person’s character in which they tend to think, feel and behave in certain ways. It is the main core in a person’s characteristics giving the result of their achievements and failures. It is how we think and behave in certain ways that thoroughly gives us the purpose in which we either accept or denied the actions and responsibility of one’s true self. Also we might not considered been naturally gifted and then we tend to think that we can’t accomplish a goal that you set for yourself but talent is considered to be part of the equation. Successful people also display a number of personality traits that make them more productively motivated. Researcher’s (John W. Lounsbury, James M.

Loveland, Eric D. Sundstrom, Lucy W. Gibson, Adam W. Drost and Frances L. Hamrick, first Publish August 1, 2003) says that “World’s most successful people like media mogul Oprah Winfrey, virgin group founder Richard Brango or ABC “Shark Thank” investor and self-made millionaire Robert Herjavec. All of them faced major setbacks but they worked through them”. It is hard to accomplish a goal, it depends on how we think and behave in order to achieve something good once in our lives that give tremendous joy and excitement to change in a betterment of the world we live in.

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Humans are extraordinary beings, they fail so many times but they pick up from their mistakes and get up to their feet to complete what they started. They do it for themselves so they can have the best of both worlds. As noted (Mount and Barrick 1995, pg. 160) “Many personality psychologists have reached a consensual that five personality construct’s referred to as the Big Five are necessary and sufficient to describe the basic dimensions of normal personality”. In order to have a successful career the key to success is the use of the Big Five to accomplish more of your goals both personal and professional. Personality traits refers to the characteristics of a quality featured in someone believing that personality traits consistently is related to career satisfaction. People who are determined to be successful intend to use the big five traits for accomplishing their career path. It is wise to be able to be more goal oriented internalizing that sense of success can make you to work harder.

To have a successful career (Furter McCrae and Costa 1997, pg. 509) stated that “many psychologist are now convinced that the best representation of trait structure is provided by the five factor model”. The Big Five model of personality attributes are extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience.

These are words that have a major impact for a successful career. The purpose of the big five stated precisely it will help in achieving persons desire to be successfully in their career. A researcher (Goldberg 1992; Mount ; Barrick, 2002) stated the five factor model of personality attributes/traits and their personal qualities. The qualities of extraversion (talkative, ambitious and assertive) agreeableness (friendly cooperative and loyal) openness to experience (curious, imaginable and open minded) emotional stability (self-confident, resilient and well-adjusted) and conscientiousness (responsible, organized and effect. Researcher (Ashton et al, 2004; Block, 1995). Nonetheless, the emergence of the big five led to increased activity in the study of personality, with the conclusion that personality does indeed have meaningful relationships with performance, motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, and other work outcomes. These are some of the many factors of personality traits that shape people’s daily lives. In order to have a successfully career we must have the qualities of the big five personality, to be able to be assertive, cooperative, open minded, well-adjusted and responsible in your personal and professional life.

People tend to forget the importance of these qualities once they become successful,(Rarlin & Meglino 1987a) described the values in two basic models referred to as “values as preferences” and values as principles. Values as preferences are work value essential attitudes on your professional career. Values as preferences have been studied extensively in relation to career choice. Personality and values is simultaneously considered to be a motivated behavior to clarify their unique attributes (Mount & Barrick 2002 pg.675). Five factor of the personality attributes is now widely accepted as meaningful way to organized personality traits for successful career (McCrae & Costa 1997 pg. 676). The Big five are known as the key ingredients that make up each individuals personality.

A person might have a dash of openness a lot of conscientiousness an average amount of extraversion, plenty of agreeableness and almost no neuroticism at all (Paul Costa & Robert R. McCrae 1970). To accomplish a goal and be successful in both personal and professional, you need to feel inspired and happy to motivate you to be successful.To develop a traits to be successful. Be Efficiency to be extremely productive by working smarter to communicate more clearly and more often with your managers and colleagues. Discipline yourself in time management on your personnel and professional career.

There is no short cut to success (Malcolm Gladwell) he also stated that “invest in yourself so that you feel less stressed and overwhelmed” and try tend to have interest outside of work meaning take a hobby that will help you break up your work routine and reduce stress and will boost your work performance. Also be more organized so that you set your priorities right and take time to listen and communicate directly with your colleagues so that you have a self-control of yourself amongst the workers. Be optimism to accomplish more of your goal, both personal and professional that will certainly be easier to help you in motivating and inspire you to write down your goals and visualizing what it feels like to have accomplished them so in certain ways internalizing that sense of success can literally boost you to incline in your conscientiousness to have successful career.


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