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Personal statementMy dream to do adult nursing was when I suffered from pneumoniaas a child. Growing up in Kenya due to living conditions I got pneumonia. I lovedhow caring the nurses where and they never failed to keep a smile on my faceevery morning. This then aspired me to be a nurse. In addition I also volunteeredin a care home at the age of 16.

I wasn’t able to do personal care home but I wouldsit with the residents during tea time and I enjoyed having a chat and helpingthe service providers as much as I could. Am currently studying level 3 health and social care atStockport College. During this course I’ve been able to enjoy all my units and Ihave gained a lot of knowledge from my tutors and peers.

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One of my favouriteunits has been anatomy and physiology which I got a distinction. (Getinformation of what I’ve learnt).  I havealso learnt a lot from unit 12 public health. This unit has increased myknowledge on key points of public health strategies and how the National HealthService (NHS) was led and put into effect in 1948 by Aneurin Bevan who was thelabour health minister. Working with adults, it’s important to know different typesof dementia which could affect people from any age. This unit has taught medifferent roles and responsibilities of health care providers in improving thehealth and quality for people with dementia. This unit also outlines differenttypes of dementia and common signs and symptoms. Lastly, working in a healthcare environment it’s important that health and safety measures are taken.

Forexample carrying out risks assessments and finding a way to minimise them forthe service users. During my course, I’ve done 200 hours of placement in a carehome. I’ve learnt about the importance of multi-agency working and goodcommunication skills. For example writing and noting down each activity theservice users do. This has improved my communication effectively and myinterpersonal interactions.

For instance, when talking to service users it’s importantto talk in a quiet place since noise can affect an individual’s comfort andcause annoyance. It can also affect the concentration of the communicationcycle. My hobbies are dancing, going to different concerts,spending time with my family and friends and reading. When I visit Kenya I alsolove spending time in a children’s orphanage called Tumaini children’s home inMombasa and we try to provide basic necessities. I do enjoy sports and going tothe gym which helps improve my fitness abilities.

I came from Kenya to the UK in 2015 January. It was quitehard travelling all the way from a different continent and having to start allover only with only a few months left to do my GCSE’S. I do believe that adult nursing is the right career pathchoice since I’ve been able to work in a health care environment and learntfrom professional health workers what is needed and demanded from you workingas a nurse. Nursing might be challenging but its important to stay calm andcomforting to all patients regardless of the situation since they trust you andlook up to you for reassurance.

I am confident I can overcome these challengessince I believe I entail the academic ability and good understanding of professionalcare values to be an adult nurse.


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