“So, of my life. The way Photoshop manipulated

“So, sweetheart, what would you like for Christmas,” my dad asked while I was sittingdown flipping through some catalogs one December afternoon. As I put the last of thecatalogs down, I went into my room and thought about what I wanted. I never trulydesired anything until that year. I was eleven.

Within the past couple months in school,we had received new computers. While being introduced to Photoshop and the Internetsimultaneously, I knew what I wanted out of my life. The way Photoshop manipulatedpictures and backgrounds, and overlapped them with the transparency command, I knewLater on that evening as I scooped up the mashed potatoes from my plate and putthem into my mouth, I heard my mothers voice, “Hunny, your father and I are goingshopping tomorrow, have you decided what you want for Christmas yet?” I gentlynodded my head up and down, and responded, “Yes, but its too expensive, so I’ll pass.” They requested my answer again saying they will decided if it costs too much money.

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So, Itold them that I wanted an Internet ready computer with Photoshop and otherWeeks had gone by and Christmas crept closer. Finally, it was 6:00AM Christmasmorning as my younger brother began to bang on my door singing Christmas carols. Myparents and I arose quickly, and ran to the Christmas tree. As I opened to what I thoughtwas my last gift, a sweater of course, my dad had disappeared. I could hear him callingmy name from the empty room down the hall. I wasn’t sure what he wanted, yet when Iswung the door open I was in shock. There stood a seventeen inch monitor, tower, colorprinter, flat bed scanner, and a wire connected to the phone line.

I didn’t know whether tosit at the computer or to thank my parents. I questioned them, “Mom? Dad? why would you spend so much money on aChristmas gift?” My Mom replied, “ well, Ani (my nickname), we know that computersare your passion, and as with everything else we want to help you reach your goals. Wewould do anything to make it possible to pursue the things you want.” I ran to my parentsand gave them the biggest hug anyone could ever imagine.Bibliography:

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