One and personally fulfilling life. Works Cited Harper,

One of the defining characteristics of man is that he is constantly striving to achieve more and become a success both in his eyes and in the eyes of his community. One of the ways through which human beings increase their likelihood at succeeding is by coming up with success strategies. Harper reveals that a common factor among successful people is that they all possess success strategies which they utilize to turn their dreams and ambitions into a reality. Considering the fact that I personally intend to become a successful person, I have come up with a personal philosophy of success which shall be composed of various success strategies that I deem as important.

In this essay, I shall define the success strategies that I have discovered and which I intend to use in the coming years to achieve success. One of the success strategies that I have incorporated in my personal philosophy is flexibility. Flexibility entails being open to changing course when it is not possibly to proceed in the current manner or when the current course of action is not producing the desirable results. Rochford goes on to declare that one of the signs of a great person is flexibility. In my past, I have adopted a rigid stance and acted as though my goals were cast in stone.

This has resulted in unnecessary disappointment and failure when it was very apparent that my actions were not achieving results. By adopting this strategy, I can avoid such occurrences since I will at all times realize that things do not always go as I have planned in life and I may be forced to adopt different plans in the course of realizing my goals. Another strategy that I have come up with is that I need to set my own goals according to my own passions and ambitions and not my family’s. In the past, I have always compared my activities with those of my family members and have in fact used this as the yardstick for measuring how well I was fairing. With my newly formulated personal philosophy of success, I realize that I have been confining myself and greatly limiting my chances of success by seeking to fill in the mould that has been cast for me by my family.

Harper asserts that living one’s passions is more important than pleasing one’s family and friends (1). With this realization, I shall set out to do the best I can for myself regardless of the goals set out for me by others. Another important strategy that I have included to my personal philosophy is being focused on my future goals. Rochford reveals that one can always impact their future positively by being focused and persistent (9). This is because being focused enables one to work with a single-mindedness that mostly results in success.

While I have always set goals for myself through my life, I realize that I have not been as focused on achieving them. By adopting this philosophy, I am bound to achieve great successes since I shall invest more time and efforts to my work. The strategies that I have outlined in this paper are the most important among the ones that I intend to use as the road map which will guide me to the immense personal achievements that await me in my future.

I have no doubt that my strict application of this personal philosophy of success will keep me on course to a rich and personally fulfilling life.

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