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Physical Education1-29-99Lou Zerr, a well-known 17 year old male attending Sinker High School, is very disliked by his peers, mostly because of his low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

Lou Zerr is known to be a foolish rich kid that has an attitude. Everyone sees him as the loser that sits at home watching television. Lou Zerr sees himself as very stupid. Lou has a very good friend, Smad Free, that happens to be an Olympic Gold Medal winner in the 1984 Summer Olympics in swimming competition. He feels, as though, he needs a lot of exercise and Smad Free really pushes Lou to exercise. He tells Lou that he will need to do plenty of swimming and riding bikes. Lou informed Smad that he didn’t know how to swim or ride a bike.

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Smad said that he would teach him to do both, if he would agree to have plenty of motivation to lose weight, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and commit to the training. After reading books on heart rates and obesity, Lou figured out his target heart rate zone and felt that riding a bike and swimming would be essential to a good workout. Lou was determined to get his current resting heart rate of 80 decreased to 60, to hopefully fall into his target heart rate zone of 154 to 185, and to lose 10 pounds from 170 pounds. He would eventually be in shape. Currently in the middle of summer on August 1, 1997, Smad decided it would be best to begin with training Lou to ride a bike then to swim. Lou would ride his bike in the morning and swim in the late afternoon Lou and Smad went to different stores to purchase the best of everything or close to it. After acquiring everything, Smad began to teach Lou to do his warm-ups and eating right.

Lou would begin the morning with a 2 different fruits and a small glass of orange juice. He would then have to walk for five minutes, next begin to jog for 3 minutes, then walk for three. After his jog he would do his stretches. He would begin by stretching his arms out and then focusing on his legs. Finally finished with warm-ups, Smad would teach him to ride a bike. After Lou finished putting on his gear to ride, Smad explained that he must be very balanced. Lou had watched people ride bikes for years thus helping him to learn quickly.

Approximately a half-hour later, Lou was riding his bike very well. Smad became satisfied and determined that both of them would go on a short ride to begin training. Smad felt 5 minutes riding slowly, speeding up for another 5, sprinting for 5, and finally 10 minutes slowly. Smad and Lou would continue do this for one week and progress slowly for two months. Lou would also have to do the same in the late afternoon swimming. He would have to begin by eating less to lower his calories. He would have to begin by eating plenty of vegetables, different meats, and plenty of noodles, breads, etc.

He would have to have plenty of starches, oils and sweets. He would have to have plenty of energy, but he would still have to burn fat. Smad suggests a fruit, juice and simple meat sandwich for lunch. Smad suggested what to eat for dinner, but Smad was too determined to lose weight so he decided that he would ignore Smad and only eat a simple sandwich for dinner. Lou felt that suffering is a small price to pay to lose weight and get fit. Approximately an hour or two after lunch, Lou would begin to learn how to swim.

Lou would do the same warm-ups as in the morning except he would have to focus on stretching his arms and legs more thoroughly this time. It took about a week to teach Lou how to swim, but Lou was doing very well and improvement was visible already. Smad began Lou on 5 minutes of movement in the water, 10 minutes of slow swimming with different strokes, then he would speed up for 5 minutes, and then slow down the intensity of the swimming. Lou would then get out of the water and walk for 3 minutes.

Eventually Lou began to record his progress and money spent on everything. His list of expenses:


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