Performance HR has to collaborate with line managers


Performance management is well established term that
is used to describe practices and decision about performance, promotion, and
procedure, termination, transfer development needs of the organization. It is
the aim to improve the organization performance and well effective performance
management. It is to measure the progress which is achievement towards the
organization. The term compensation is used to indicate the employees gross
earnings in the form of financial reward and benefits each elements of
compensation is linked with in individual need. . Performance
management is a part of management system that has given the framework to
managers or employees


The compensation is an important part in which a
company or organization provided services and facilities to his employee the organization
has to reward his employees Compensation paid according to their performance of
employees we compensate our employees according the their performance standards
we compensate our employees as financially and non-financially in compensation
we give bonuses to our employees and give gold sake hand also after their
















management in HR

Performance system is they discussion about the new
strategies or role in managing the employees performance its aim to change the
employee behavior and attitude by directly connecting his appraisal. What they
matter In organization senior managers and directors detect conducting
assessment because they are uncomfortable and inexperienced in conducting them
they said that performance appraisal is the waste of time in Hr.

. Detect and to
initiate performance with quality into the product where the HR has to
collaborate with line managers to retain employees, which automatically affects
the retention of customers because it is the driving force of customers Human Resource
Management has never been as significant as it is today. Companies want
motivate brains to meet objectives

The purpose of
performance evaluation is to give One of the tools companies use to
attract, retain and motivate its people is Compensation Management. employees a chance to fulfill their needs in
order to meet the organization’s needs and to meet their personal development.

Why Performance
management is important in Hr.

management of staff performance is critical to organizational success. If
performance is not manage and there are no standards, then individual teams and
organizations will not perform to their duties well. Performance management is
directly related because, this organization consolidates the
resources of human rights o every one of the motivators

management in HR;

. It
contains many elements and has effect on the organization. The purpose of
providing compensation is to attract and motivate There are two main types of
financial Compensation management is one of the most challenging human resource
areas because it compensate to the employees. Today Humans are regarded as one of
every company’s assets so they need to be efficiently and effectively managed. The
compensation and benefits provides the managers with the compensation tools to build a difference among employees as
the high performance corporate culture can be built in the organization.

  Why compensation is important in HR

Compensation is the tool of many
organizations use to manage their employees. For an organization to receive its
money’s worth and motivate and retain skilled employees, according to employees
needs compensation system is not an island by itself. t is important that its
compensation system aligns with its HR strategy. It gives clear path of Not
only is it important for an organization to link compensation to its overall
goals and strategies,


Discussion at performance management

is about setting the performance standards and the progress The organization
uses the performance manage to ensure the same direction at all levels the top
management sets the business strategy and defines the strategic initiatives.
That building strong succession plans for the organization Performance
management provides feedback to employees or managers its aims to improve the
organization Performance
management starts with discussing the job duties, responsibilities and
expectations with candidates during the recruitment and selection process the
conversation about compensation as it to performance matters to the employer,
prospective employees and current employees. Organization Performance
management motivates the employees and given direction to the employees for the
career development HR is responsible for the performance management system in development
in the organization.. It is focused on the development of the key talents, top
performers and successors. The process identifies the best potentials in the
organization, and it differentiates them from the rest of the Population
performance management process is connected with HR process it is the process
at which employees performance evaluate by organization at their evaluation the

Discussion at compensation management

of us would have heard the term “compensation” in the context of getting paid
for the work that we do. The work can be as part of full time engagement or
part time in nature Compensation is the glue that binds the employees or
employer together organization’s relates performance management
system begins long before the employee reports for her first day on the job.  Performance management starts with discussing the job duties,
responsibilities and expectations with candidates during the recruitment and
selection process the conversation about compensation as it to performance
matters to the employer, prospective employees and current employee.
Compensation management is something companies must take
seriously if they are to achieve for the current jobs, they should be able to know exactly how their
performance will be done. Competitive benefits in the market


We observe in this discussion performance management
and compensation play an important role in the organization. Compensation is
depend upon performance management we reward and compensate our employees
according to their performances standards. Organization set performance
standards for every employees and measured and evaluate according to their the
performance standards.performance



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